Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Celebrate Your Strengths

I wish I had understood my bent for writing years ago. Perhaps I would have not been so backward about developing my talent. There was no internet, no writing group, no way of finding those other special people like you. You writers know what I'm talking about. The rest of you will just have to hang in here and hear me out. I thought I was weird. I thought I was the only one. I lived inside my head for many years--afraid to say what was burning in my mind.

Everyone talked about how shy I was, how quiet in public. And I was. To this day I find it hard to relax in public scenarios. I am constantly interpreting the signals people send me. Sometimes I get them wrong. I was wrong about how different I perceived myself to be. I was wrong in thinking that because I was different no one would want to hear what I had to say. I was wrong in thinking that because I loved literature and art and music that people would find me geekish and boring. Of course, some of you do. And I can truly say now, that's okay.

My sisters will tell you that the three of us are the way we are because we came from a dysfunctional family. We have been told that, other than favoring each other a bit, we are nothing alike. That's probably a good thing.

My older sister is the mechanically inclined, outgoing, and outspoken one. She is a medical lab technician, who not only can run all sorts of blood tests and interpret them, but when the machines fail her, she takes them apart and fixes them -- million dollar pieces of equipment. She also went to Bible college, and is extremely learned in the Scriptures. She has no problem preparing a lesson or sermon and giving it. If she has an opinion on something, you will know it.

My baby sister is a homemaker with an eye for beauty and decor. She is a licensed beautician -- complete with the prerequisite listening skills and wonderful sense of humor we all require in ours. Her laughter is infectious. She also is adept at making beautiful floral arrangements and wraps the prettiest present you will ever see. And you will never put a finer chocolate or coconut cream pie in your mouth than the one she makes. They're the best, bar none.

I, on the other hand, could not fix a lawnmower if my life depended upon it. I have worn my hair short most of my 40 years because I could not fix it either. I despise public speaking, wrapping presents, and my meals for the most part come out of boxes and cans. I spent my childhood reading. When it came time to choose a major in college, there were so many I wanted to choose, that I made no choice until my Junior year. That's when I realized I had racked up so many English and Psychology courses that that had to be it. English was my major. I loved to learn. I wanted to major in everything. If I had my way, I would still be sitting in a classroom soaking up the knowledge. I lived for the pressure of deadlines and exams. I excel under pressure.

I always knew I was a writer. I just never thought anyone would want to read what I had written. Family would beg to read some of my work, and I would shrug them off. What if they didn't like it? What if they thought it sentimental hogwash? What if they made fun of it?
It has taken me many, many years to overcome those feelings and be able to say to myself, "So what!" I still want to write. I still have something to say. They're my words, my thoughts, and my babies. And thank goodness, one of my babies is close to being birthed. I can't wait to celebrate it!


tam said...

I did not know you were expecting a wee one! How blessed! How wonderful!

You have got me so so curious about your novel...I just can't hardly wait...

Will you allow us any sneak peeks? or previews?

You have moved on to follow your dreams, follow your heart, be who God made you to be...How liberating!

I am standing up and clapping my hands like mad for you!

C. H. Green said...

LOL. No, I'm not pregnant. At least I hope I'm not. Was speaking figuratively of the novel. But it's just as exciting for me.

Praying for your Prodigal said...


Well--you have been busy! Traveling and fixing your template! You go girl!

And in the midst of all that busy-ness--you "still have something to say!" I couldn't be more thrilled! I can't wait to celebrate with you....I am living vicariously through your adventure! I'm motivated, I'm inspired, and I'm thrilled to know you! This blogging adventure has brought me to levels of friendship that I did not expect. I am seriously going to need some heads-up for travel plans--I WILL be at your first book signing party! Matter of fact--let's throw a book publication party! I'll host it!



Karla said...

Boy, we sound alot alike. =) I would love to be in school still, too. I love to learn & read & study. It kinda gets on my husband's nerves. ;)
I also would like to know if we're getting any sneak peeks. ;)

tam said...

Ahhahahahah, laughing out loud at myself...OF COURSE it was your novel...hhhheeelllooo, anybody home in there!

Ok, so no baby booties for you!

And, never have heard of book booties...I guess a jacket will have to do...(i crack myself up!) so sad.

C. H. Green said...

There are novel updates throughout this blog dating back to October of 2005 when I started. There is a brief sampling at this link:

If it won't click, copy and paste it in your browser. The story is about a teenager who finds herself in trouble and tries to go to Memphis to get an abortion, only to be kidnapped. The rest of the story is about her struggle to survive and escape. I'm working on the final chapters. My finish date was June 1st, but it may be a few more days, as they have sent me several transcription files to complete today and tomorrow.

C. H. Green said...

Hey y'all. Diane's hosting the publication party. Now help me find a publisher, and we're on!

And Karla thanks for stopping by. We sound like two peas in a pod.

Mike Goodwin said...

You can tell you are a writer just reading your blog. :-) I still haven't found my calling. Does eating a whole bag of pretzels while watching one episode of "COPS" count? :-)
BTW, I'm glad you got your blog fixed and running the way you like it. I know you were having problems with it for a while there. A writer and computer tech. Who'd have thought, Cindy. :-)

tam said...

I have to admit when you told the story line I was brain can go crazy with the suspense type reads...BUT

I HAD to go see it and WOW...I was hooked. I could Totally see the mobile home and the condition...

Oh, surely there's a publisher smart enough to snap you up!
(she gets out right?)

C. H. Green said...

Um. That is highly classified information, Tam. You'll have to read the book. And I must say, since I haven't completed the final chapters, anything is still possible. Stay tuned.

tam said...


all right...I'll wait...anymore sneak peeks your willing to share would be AWEsome!!!

C. H. Green said...

I'm right in the middle of the next to the last chapter...I can see the end! If I work til midnight, I might finish by my deadline, which was today...but..I don't know. I will be sad to have finished it...and excited, and happy, and thrilled, and scared...

tam said...

clenchin' my teeth and bursting with excitement for you!