Monday, May 29, 2006

Is This Better?

Guess what? IT'S FIXED! Guess how I did it. Well, except for one thing. Now the corner banner is on the sidebar, but I guess that will make someone happy, even though it was unintentional. Wink. I got this idea to create a new blog with the same background. I created it, but made no entries, went to its template, copied and pasted it into a notepad. Then, since I did not want to lose my sitemeter, I copied the code for it into this new template. (Thank you Molicious!) I copied all the ring codes and link codes into this template as well. Then I pasted it into my old blog's template spot and previewed before saving the settings. When I previewed it, everything was back to normal. So, my guess is that I had taken out something that was vital to the formatting that has been put back with the new one. Don't know how the corner banner got moved, but not complaining since it caused a problem for some. And it looks just as well I guess. We could take it out completely and be just as well. I did notice that I had lost my Oncewritten writing contest dates, but I don't really have to have them. Happy, happy, happy.

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tam said...

Happy, happy, happy for you!