Monday, February 27, 2006

Where I've Been

I cannot tell you why these things have happened to me lately, but I have been bedridden since last Wednesday with the intestinal flu. Yes, just when I had begun feeling great after that nasty respiratory infection, it hit me. And it hit me hard. In fact, I think it stirred up an old ulcer. I have had extreme pain, and have been unable to eat for days. But this morning, Thank God in Heaven, I think I may be on the mend. I still have fever. But I am keeping small amounts of food on my stomach with just mild discomfort. I thought I was dying. Thank you my family for all your prayers. They kept me going.

Today I am just really weak. I came on to check the email to find all the boxes full of mostly junk mail. Refreshing to know I haven't missed anything. I've missed my family. My husband and son have been great to take care of me and the house while I've been down. I know it has been especially hard on them. I hope I can make it up to them soon. I am not 100 percent today. In fact, I think I am going back to bed after this post. All my friends put me on your prayer list. I'm tired of being sick.

I miss y'all. Love, Cindy

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To Teach or Not to Teach...

This weekend, one of my best friends suggested I start substituting at my son's school, and to work toward getting my Tennessee Teacher's license renewed. I know it was stupid of me to let it lapse. It lapsed in 1994. I had certification for grades 7-12 in English and Psychology. I taught exactly one year of high school English and Spanish in 1989. I wasn't certified to teach the Spanish courses, so it was a very frustrating year. Not to mention the fact that I was 22, and had students in the 9th grade that were 19 years of age and very noncompliant. It was a horrible year. Add to the fact that my dad spent most of that year hospitalized for a degenerative brain disorder, and you have an emotionally bankrupt year. It had lasting repercussions for me.

My present situation has left me wondering if perhaps it is time to get back in the swing of things. It's never too late for a do-over. Things could be so much different this time around. I could even get my Masters degree. Still, I have this nagging fear of failure. I got my degree in Education because I had racked up so many English Lit courses and Psychology courses. I initially wanted to be a psychologist, but figured my scholarship money would run out before I ever got that completed. My counselor at the university advised to go for my teaching credentials. By the time I decided this, I was well into my Junior year. So I did not have time to add all the elementary courses for elementary certification. Therefore, I certified in 7-12.

I enjoyed my student teaching in my own hometown under my ninth grade English teacher, David Wyatt. I had no reason to fear failure. I had never failed at anything in my young life. I graduated with honors from high school so that I could attend college on scholarship money. I graduated college with a 3.8 G.P.A. in the upper ten percent of my graduating class. I was always told I could do anything I set my mind to. I always believed it until that fateful year.

So what am I doing sitting here at home on the computer? I have no explanation. I have applied for over 25 jobs in the last six months. Am I over qualified? Is that why no one calls? Is it because I have short time spans on all the jobs I have had? (I've done everything under the sun--sales, bookkeeping, telecommunications, transcription, and taught preschool.) Is it because I'm overweight? What is holding me back? It must be that I have not found that avenue that is meant to be for me. Am I supposed to go back and try to teach again? Or will that door remain shut as well? I don't know. I am going to the Board of Education this afternoon to find out exactly what I have to do.

I have had several spiritual confirmations about the writing I am doing and sharing, but nothing that has netted me a job offer or any acceptances for publication. I have not given up on that dream. I am still writing daily. I am encouraged by the support of my friends. I have my novel and my blogs. But neither are producing food for the table or paying for the roof overhead.
I have exactly 3 more weeks of unemployment. I don't know if I can get an extension on that or not. I'd rather be working and contributing. We're not dead beats. Life has just thrown us some serious curves.

So be in prayer about all this. God has a plan for me. I want to do whatever He wants me to do.
Most of all I need some peace of mind. I'm glad that I have prayer partners here that know how to reach the heart of God. I'll let you know what I find out. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2006


I mentioned earlier that the Lord had been dealing with me to write about my experience with grief. I posted the poem I wrote shortly after my mom's death in August of 2001. It will be five years this fall since she left us, and it still feels like yesterday. Two years after her death, I finally started coming out of the deep depression that her illness and death had thrown me into. Even Christians battle depression at times. We are only human. I think all of us that lose someone close to us go through the same stages, but we react differently according to our personalities. The following essay talks about my experience. Please excuse the paragraph formatting. I have tried repeatedly to get it to format as I wrote it, but blogger is not cooperating today. Anyway, I hope it helps someone today:

When she died, my life ground to a halt. Each action of every day took on the surreal quality of just going through the motions. I literally willed myself to act. The knowledge that I was and am responsible for her grandchild would urge me on. I would hear her voice ever in the recesses of my mind--sometimes disapproving, sometimes encouraging, sometimes cheering as she did by my bedside as I labored to give birth. But always, always in loving tones, I would hear her.
When she died, new fears developed--the fear of losing others, the fear that my child would forget, that he would miss out on the glories of being the Golden Child. How would he remember? How would he ever know how much she loved him? These questions and others began to constantly nag me. How would I live if something happened to my son, to my husband, to my sisters? How could I prevent it from ever happening? Could I have stopped her from going? Did I leave anything unsaid? Dear God, the list went on and on.
The pain I felt at the mention of her was overwhelming, yet I made myself talk about her. I did not want to forget one smile, one gesture, one moment. Yet even then, as I saw the pain it brought to others, I would push it aside and grieve that I had opened their own wounds afresh. I felt sorry for them, but I myself did not wish to heal. Healing might mean forgetting. And I could not afford to forget. It was unfathomable to think she was never coming back.
So, for over a year the fog crept in over soul, darkening my surroundings, clouding my judgment, oppressing my spirit--holding me hostage. Helpless to find my way, I just sat and waited--and cried. I cried a lot. And I wondered if life would life, could life, ever be the same? And the days continued to pass.
But finally...finally one morning, I felt the fog beginning to lift. I started to realize the days and days I had missed--days of sunshine and hope. The Son had been there, waiting to warm me, to brighten my life, to cheer me. And the thought occurred to me, "O God, where have I been?"
My soul replied, "You have been to the Valley of Death, it the shadow of it. And you have witnessed its horror, its cruelty, and its terror. Yet, now you have come out on the other side. For His rod and His staff have comforted you, even snatching you back from the jaws of depression and the pitfalls of self pity, drawing you to His side, away from the grief and sheltering you.
This valley where Death resides, dark and cold, casting shadows on the walls of my heart was a deep place of weeping and mourning--a place of parting, a place of fear for those with no HOPE.
But it has not place in the life of me. I am a Believer. There is nothing death can do to separate my soul from God. Though physically we part from our flesh and those we love, death can have no lasting victory. It is, indeed, a hollow victory. Death brings us one step closer to Home--that place of unimaginable glory that awaits. I cannot be sad for her or wish her back to her life of trouble. There is no pain where she has gone, only beauty and perfection, and pure love.
And so, I decide that no, life will never be the same. I decide that I will go on until my time. I decide that it is o.k. to cry and remember and cherish the memories. I decide to live, healing a little more day by day by day, until I decide that I am finally going to break through the murky water overhead--to splash, to kick, and even claw my way to the surface today. I decide I am going to do whatever it takes to feel that breath of life on my face once more.
And my miracle comes as I finally break through--gasping and savoring at once the sensations of life, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and sights. I'm alive! I'm alive! My soul cries out. In utter amazement I find the sun shining warm upon my face, and God, my ever present Lifeguard smiling down upon me with arms outstretched, welcoming me back. Finally--yes, finally I have let her go. And it feels so good, to finally be able to stop holding my breath, and just float on in my Father's arms.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Oil of Joy for Mourning

Mama’s Triumph

The door closed quietly behind her
As Death crept with silent feet--
Ending a lifetime of memories,
The album now complete.
Leaving behind love's legacy,
Children close in prayer--
Sorrow's arms enfold them
Yet Mercy has met them there.
For in the dawn of this new day,
They see beyond earth's realm
A ship that's headed out to sea
Our Father at its helm.
He's guiding her to safety
As onward her vessel lists
Til anchored safe at heaven's gate,
Home rising from the mist.
No more sorrow; no,no more pain
Only joyous victory;
Death must now accept defeat
For all of eternity.

--Cynthia H. Green

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blessings Come When We Reach Out

I was so happy to hear today that I have inspired someone to start a new blog. Diane, my friend I met online through blogspot, has created a blog called, Partners in Prayer for Our Prodigals. I am looking forward to reading her posts, and I know they will be a blessing to so many other parents out there with prodigals. Stop by if you have time and see what she has to say. And say a prayer blessing this new ministry. It is a leap of faith for her. Also, put her prodigal on your prayer list. God is able to bring that wandering soul home.

There have been lots of blessings to come through me being home these months. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to find Christian friends in this way. I encourage you to branch out whereever you find yourself. It may take you a step or two out of that comfort zone you're in, but the rewards will be well worth the investment. There is nothing like the fellowship of another believer to help lift you up in the down times and celebrate with you in the good times. I'm looking forward to celebrating life's victories with Diane as we all band together and pray for her miracle.

It's not what you know; it's Who you know. Til tomorrow. All my love on Valentines...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Update

Good morning friends!
We did get a couple of inches of snow over the weekend, enough for CWGIII to try out his new sled! He got out of school about a half hour early when it began Friday. It snowed Saturday and Sunday, but not enough to keep us from going anywhere or doing anything we wanted. He was sadly disappointed to have to return to school today. I'm sure the dog is glad he had to, because having no brothers and sisters, Maggie took the brunt of his snowballs. She enjoyed romping in the snow as much as he did.

I am recovering nicely from my bronchitis finally. I cleaned house Saturday and almost overdid it on my back. Now that would be bad after being sick three weeks, to get down in your back for three more, wouldn't it? I spent 3 and a half hours in my son's room sorting clothes and toys. It dawned on me how much we had invested between the four walls of that particular room of the house. Yes, we have spoiled him rotten. I laughed and told him that I was watching in the next month to see which of the toys he actually played with. The rest are soon to be history. We'll see how that goes.

I began to wonder if all those toys were somehow a result of my childhood yearnings. I found toys that I remembered seeing or having as a child that he probably could care less about--like Lincoln logs and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Did he really want these toys? Or did I just convince him he wanted them? I don't know, but I told CWG, Jr to focus on the child's stocks from now on--which, by the way, are doing quite well for the time. He has stock in Disney, Marvel comics, and Topps and others. CWGIII informed me he was buying a rifle with his stocks. I informed CWGIII that he going to college on them. The rifle can wait. He's only six. And besides, guns frighten me. I'm sure I will be right there with him when he finally is old enough for the Hunter's Safety course.

Thanks for checking in on me. I may have more interesting posts to come. I love this place because it connects me to people who share my interests--and people who love my God. And it allows me to share my faith with those that just happen by.
Hope you all have a great day. Take time to share a bit about what is going on in your world. I love to hear from you.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Snow Days

They are predicting snow for us this weekend. I hope it's enough for CWGIII to try out his new sled. He has wanted it to snow all winter. He won't like it if he doesn't get to miss school though. But I say they take enough days off as it is. They have a long weekend coming up for President's Day next weekend I think. You see how many days I would have to find childcare if I was working a public job. At least once a month. That's why I want to make this home based business work.

Speaking of snow, I remember some really fun times with my sisters. We would sled the hill out beside our house on whatever we could find. We made snow forts and snow cream and snow men and women. I think we even made an anatomically correct woman one time to flash the passerbys. But don't tell that to my son. He might just try it. I love the snow, as far as looking at it. It is so wonderful how it coats our worlds in pristine white. I hate the cold that comes with it.

But it gives you a good reason to snuggle in bed with hot cocoa. And that is my favorite part. So I'm looking forward to doing that definitely. If you don't hear from me, I'm under the covers with my jogging pants and socks on!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Broken Vessels

The other day as I was putting away the clean dishes, I haphazardly sort of threw them in the cabinet. I was in a hurry to get them put away, not really having my mind on what I was doing. Evidently I had nested one too many bowls, and they were top heavy. Three of them came crashing down to the counter, bounced and hit the floor. They shattered into a gazillion little pieces to the farthest corners of my kitchen. Don't ever let anyone tell you Corelware won't break.

I was disgusted with myself. I was sick. I did not want to clean up the mess, but I knew I had to, or we all would end up with broken bits of glass in our feet. I did not want to leave even the tiniest fragment. I swept and swept. Then I mopped, then went over it with a damp towel. I kept finding pieces glinting in the light streaming through the blinds--pieces that I would not have noticed without the light shining in. It took quite a while to gather up all the broken fragments and assure myself that our feet were safe from their razor edges. When it was all over, I was minus three bowls. But I had gained some valuable lessons.

First of all, you must take greater care with the fragile things in your life. You should not just recklessly throw them to the wind and expect great things. Sometimes you have to put some work into preserving your vessels. Sometimes the vessels do not seem all that valuable to you, but they are all you have, and they are necessary for your daily life. We must be careful to guard even the everyday aspects of our lives, so that no harm befalls us.

Secondly, when something does happen because of our carelessness--or someone else's, or just because, do not despair. God is there to pick up all the broken fragments. He shines the light of His love down upon them. He seeks them out. He wants to remove them from your life, so they can't cause you pain and harm. He wants to clean up the mess you created. He cares that you do not stumble upon a fragment.
He sees even the tiniest fragments of our broken hearts. They cannot be hid from Him. He does not want to punish you for the brokenness. He knows that if you are truly sorry, that you will guard your heart more carefully next time. He knows you are pained by the brokenness. But you have to be willing to let Him clean it up.

Thirdly, do not grieve over the broken vessels. They are gone. God will replace them in due time with something purer, finer, sweeter than the broken ones.
Do not grieve over three bowls you lost. You might gain three lessons from them. You might save someone else the heartache of the broken vessel. You might find that sometimes the only way God can replace your flaws is to just break them and start over. You might find you can live just fine without those old habits or sins that so easily beset you. You might find that the beautiful vessel He is creating in you is worth all the heartache that you carelessly created in one moment's time.

If it brings you to your knees, then thank Him. For without Him to go to in prayer, we would have nowhere to go when trouble strikes. Yep, He's still working on me through it all. Day by day. Step by step.

Til tomorrow loved ones...Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Few Details

I don't want to turn this into a full blown advertising campaign blog, so I am going to ad one more entry due to the request posted in the last link by Diane. If any of you want extra information, click on the banner and sign in as a guest. Email me for passwords to the guest area. Stayin Home and Lovin It! is a company that partners with another larger, wellness company to promote their toxin-free products. We sign up customers for them, and we also become a customer ourselves, ensuring that orders are continuing to come in on a regular basis. It is much like a wholesale club that you order your household products from monthly. I was skeptical. First of all, I didn't even know if I would have the money to commit to a monthly order. But, the more customers you sign up, the more residuals you make to offset that cost. And the customer you sign up will eventually get residuals to offset his cost. Alot of people just sign up to order the product. But if you want to build a business, you can become a director. You do that by training the people under you as they sign up customers. Now...this is Consumer Direct Marketing as opposed to Multi-Level Marketing. There is a difference. With this system, you are actually receiving products for your investment, which is minimal. There are other differences as well and they are noted in the guest area of the site.

If you factor in your drive time, gasoline, and wait in line, the ultimate cost is less. I can even show you cost comparisons if you like. These products are super concentrated, so that, for example, one bottle of ours would outlast one bottle of store brand by four times. You use one little ounce of alot of these products. And the best part is, you're not poisoning yourself or your family with chemicals.

Now, I have been concerned for awhile now about what all the chemicals in our environment are doing to our bodies. When someone you love comes down with something fatal, you immediately wonder where was the origin of the sickness. Well, we don't know. We can't say that all cancers come from toxins in our environment. But I have a sneaky suspicion that many of them do come from products we use and are exposed to on a daily basis. So I'm trying this. I am a firm believer that marketing works.

I'm giving you this information because you requested it. This is a softsell company. We don't drag people into it kicking and screaming. I won't spend post after post pushing it. The information is here if you want it. Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to put it out here for you. My friend and mentor, Eva, is a former missionary. She has made the second level in a short year and a half working it part time. She hopes to make enough income to visit her children who are missionaries in Africa. As I succeed, that helps her. And helps the ministry as she supports them. So I am convinced that this is a God-given opportunity for us. My husband and I pray over this. He is helping out when he can in the marketing. They tell me some husband and wife teams do so well, that they both work at home. (I'm not sure that is productive, but would be nice for a while I suppose.)

Diane: Thanks for sticking with me girl. Lisa--Keep writing. Some of my friends are reading your stuff. Family: Leave feedback please. Tell friends. Email this blog link to friends. What could it hurt? They get all sorts of useless junk every day. I have Words of HOPE! I laughed and told my husband that eventually we will have HOPE Enterprises. Don't laugh. Could happen, after all, HOPE is my middle name. Til tomorrow...God Bless.

Stayin Home and Lovin It!

As you may have noticed, I have a new work at home project, actually two. Today I am focusing on building my business. Eva, my director, is calling me a nine, and we are going to work leads and hopefully schedule some telephone presentations for later in the day. I have posted ads all over the internet, and have one lead that responded via email last night. I was not able to reach her by phone, however, I left her an email. Maybe she will get back with me.

The internet is a wonderful resource for prospecting. There is no limit to the areas you can reach for customers. However, you must effectively market your site and get traffic coming to you. The ads were are placing on message boards are targeted to the crowd that is home during the day alot. I post alot of ads on the job boards for those who are tired and frustrated with their corporate jobs and want to stay home.

Eva advertises in a co-op with some other ladies on the christian radio station. That's where I heard the ad for I checked it out, and found Every time I have a mentoring call or a training call, I get to talk to wonderful, happy people who are excited about what they are doing. I get to hear testimonies of what God is doing through them and for them. That alone is encouraging.

If you are reading this, and you think you might like to build an at home business building accounts for the company with whom we partner, click on the banner below, and go to my website. Or, you can leave a comment here with your email address, and I will get the information to you. This might just be your answer!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

On the Road to Recovery

Finished Chapter 7. Time to go back and pick up Chapter 6. Although, I'd rather move on to 8. This is the longest chapter thus far at over 5,000 words. I'm really getting into the action, and I think I am beginning to know my characters a bit better. Some interesting surprises have come out. Maybe they will survive the cutting room floor.

I finally went to the doctor and got a shot in my backside and a sackload of antibiotics, decongestants, and cough syrup. I hope to be getting back to my old self pretty soon. I asked him for samples, and he gave me what he could. The rest I got for 18 bucks, so it wasn't too bad, if they don't charge me a hundred for the office visit to Urgent Care. I suppose it was necessary. I've had this for going on three weeks.

Just wanted to stop by and let you all know I'm still alive. Leave me some comments if you're out there. I miss you when you don't.

Friday, February 03, 2006

He Leadeth Me Beside the Still Waters

I've had another busy day. I haven't even had time to work on the book this morning. Maybe I can get the rest of Chapter 7 in tonight. I had another conference call about starting the home based business this morning at 8:00. It's an interesting proposition, one I intend to make successful. Interesting how being broke can motivate you. I'll tell you about it as I get more information.

I think I heard that the groundhog saw his shadow. Doesn't that mean six more weeks of winter? I'm not sure, but I can't complain a bit about how the winter has passed thus far. It has allowed CWGIII and me time to play outside in the afternoons, a time I rather enjoy. That's why it feels so important to me to have something I can do from home and have flexible scheduling. I want to be here for him.

CWG,Jr. has had a couple of callbacks on one job in particular. This one seems to be a perfect fit. We will know more in a few days. He passed the online test with flying colors. He already has the Property and Casualty Insurance license it requires. And it is here in Paris. Please people, pray. We need answers. We need some resolution to this dilemma we have found ourselves in. But like I pointed out earlier, God has not brought us this far to leave us utterly without HOPE.
He is faithful to supply all our needs. We want to do His will.

You know sometimes I think that things are allowed to come our way to teach us some very specific lessons. I began thinking about this especially this week while writing Chapter 7 of the novel. Had I not experienced certain trials in my life in the year 1989, I would never be able to put into writing what I detail in this book. Could it be the sole purpose of my one year in that location was to soak up all the details about that region and then fashion all the ugly facts into something beautiful that He wanted me to create? I think it very well could be. He has this thing about putting the broken pieces of our lives back together--and making them into works of art. I would not be surprised if this were the case with me. For, I've often wondered what the whole purpose was in the events that transpired in my life during that year. Now, seventeen years later, is it possible, that God was giving me material for my book? Is it possible that my entire life has been material for books, articles, poems, essays, and inspirational writings that would bless others?
I think it is entirely possible. In fact, I am growing to believe that with all my heart.

Now, you may ask, just why didn't you come to that conclusion sooner? You could be finished with so many works and be publsihed. You could be so much farther down the road. The answer, friends and family is this, I have always known I had a specific gift, or two or three. But I have not been motivated to take that leap of faith that this particular endeavor required. I was not where I needed to be in my spiritual walk to step out. And then again, I may have been exactly where I needed to be. It's all a matter of perspective.

You see, I have also been wondering why it is that I have not found a place to minister with my music. The church we found in Paris, and seem very pleased with attending, has several musicians. If they needed my services, I would gladly render them. Because I do love my music. I was always tuck-headed about it, not letting on that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I wanted to be modest about it. But I really miss playing the piano. It was my way of offering a sacrifice of praise to God in worship. I've been feeling a bit lost without it. BUT, friends, I have used that gift for many, many years. I allowed God to use me through that gift. I believe it met the need many times. BUT WHAT IF...this is the season to start using some of the other gifts. WHAT IF...he has put that one on the back burner to make me realize that I could worship Him by using these other gifts as well. WHAT IF... this is the season for my writing gift?

He's also dealing with me about a grief ministry. I'm not sure what or how or when, but there are people who are going through serious heartache out there, who need to hear my story about that as well. There are people who are scared, frustrated, confused, and grieving. They need to know and understand that God has a plan. I am learning that the Master Plan is sometimes not seen in a day. It sometimes cannot be seen in a week or a month. Sometimes it unfolds after the many years have passed, and you look back in retrospect and realize that His hand was leading you all the way. It is a precious, precious walk we walk if we are children of God. Sometimes it is beside still waters, and sometimes it is through the dark valley of death. But if we hold to His hand, surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives, and ultimately, we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Amen, and so be it. Take care.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Building a Website is Work

Check the sidebar for the link to my freelance writer website. It still needs a bit of work, and maybe a picture, but it's a start. Launched it this afternoon. I have been really busy today working on it. I also have about 4000 words of Chapter 7 done. In addition to that I have checked into a home based work opportunity. I joined a conference call this morning for details. (They called me.) So it's been an eventful day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Words of Hope

I am going to attempt to explain something that to the unchurched is going to sound pretty far fetched, but to those of you who know the voice of God, it will make perfect sense.
As I write this tonight, I have a perfect sense of peace regarding my family's situation. I have felt this all day from the time I got up this morning. I drove my son to school this morning, and the songs on the gospel station were speaking directly to my soul. The Lord began dealing with me about this trust issue I have going on with Him. He began telling me “I have not brought you this far to leave you utterly without Hope.”
Now those of us who talk to Him on a regular basis know that the voice of God is not always audible. It can be. But the majority of us hear his voice from within our spirits. We have trained our ears for His voice. Most of the time when we think He is not answering us, it is because we do not want to hear the answer He has, or we have gotten so far from Him that it is too distant to hear clearly. If you walk a mile away from your friend and then expect to hear what he is saying, it is not because he is not speaking. It is because you have removed yourself from the sound of his voice.
As I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I am learning to live by faith. It is one of the most difficult challenges I have faced in my Christian walk—ever. I sincerely believe that God is and must be working on a plan. I have to believe that. All my plans have come to naught. All I know to do is keep knocking. Keep asking. Keep praying. So I keep applying. I keep writing. I keep praying.
This afternoon, I was thinking maybe I should take the next step with the writing. I spent the evening building a website that is soon to go live. I will place the link here as soon as it is done. The name of the site: Words of Hope. In it, I list my background, my mission statement, my rates for editing, proofreading, resume and manuscript writing, and customized poetry. I still have to scan a few pictures into it, and upload a few files. A couple of writing samples will be posted, most of which have been posted here, as well as the link to this blog.
Oh, and another thing...I have a friend who has a very special unspoken need. Those of us praying folk know what an unspoken need is. Our God knows what the unspoken need is. I need everyone who reads this, who believes that God is God and still on his throne, to touch heaven for my friend's need. You don't have to know their names. If you pray in the spirit, you don't even have to know what to pray, for the spirit will give you the utterance. Let's pray into their lives “Words of Hope” today. Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think.
Til tomorrow my friends.


The following email was sent to me by a relative. I am not sure where she obtained her information, but I can tell you from personal experience it is accurate with one exception. Paget's disease is not a new finding. My mother died from it in 2001. It is a rare cancer. All the symptoms described in this article happened to my mother. This could be her story, in fact. Please take any changes in your breast seriously. If you are a male and receiving this, please forward to your female loved ones. Please, please don't hesitate to get mammograms and second opinions. If you have any questions regarding this, please write me. It is a very real disease. The good news is it has a very high cure success rate if found early. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day.

New kind of Breast Cancer - DO NOT DELETEPlease forward to all of the women in your lives. Mothers, daughters,sisters, aunts, friends, etc.In November, a rare kind of breast cancer was found!A lady developed a rash on her breast, similar to that of young mothers who are nursing. Because her mammogram had been clear, the doctor treated her with antibiotics for infections. After 2 rounds, it continued to get worse, so her doctor sent her for another mammogram. This time it showed a mass. A biopsy found a fast growing malignancy. Chemo was started in order to shrink the growth; then a mastectomy was performed; then a full round of Chemo; then radiation. After about 9months of intense treatment, she was given a clean bill of health. She had one year of living each day to its fullest!Then the cancer returned to the liver area. She took 4 treatments and decided that she wanted quality of life, not the after effects of Chemo. She had 5 great months and she planned each detail of the final days. After a few days of needing morphine, she died.She left this message to be delivered to women everywhere: Women, PLEASE be alert to anything that is not normal, and be persistent in getting help as soon as possible. Paget's Disease: This is a rare form of breast cancer, and is on the outside of the breast, on the nipple and aureole. It appeared as a rash, which later became a lesion with a crusty outer edge. I would not have ever suspected it to be breast cancer but it was. My nipple never seemed any different to me, but the rash bothered me, so I went to the doctor for that. Sometimes, it itched and was sore, but other than that it didn't bother me. It was just ugly and a nuisance, and could not be cleared up with all the creams prescribed by my doctor and dermatologist for the dermatitis on my eyes just prior to this outbreak. They seemed a little concerned but did not warn me it could be cancerous. Now, I suspect not many women out there know a lesion or rash on the nipple or aureole can be breast cancer. Mine started out as a single red pimple on the aureole. One of the biggest problems with Paget's disease of the nipple is that thesymptoms appear to be harmless. It is frequently thought to be a skin inflammation or infection, leading to unfortunate delays in detection and care.What are the symptoms?1. A persistent redness, oozing, and crusting of your nipple causing it to itch and burn. (As I stated, mine did not itch or burn much, and had no oozing I was aware of, but it did have a crust along the outer edge on one side.)2. A sore on your nipple that will not heal. (Mine was on the aureole area with a whitish thick looking area in center of nipple).3. Usually only one nipple is effected.How is it diagnosed? Your doctor will do a physical exam and should suggest having a mammogram of both breasts, done immediately. Even though the redness, oozing and crusting closely resemble dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), your doctor should suspect cancer if the sore is only on one breast. Your doctor should order a biopsy of your sore to confirm what is going on.This message should be taken seriously and passed on to as many of your relatives and friends as possible; it could save someone's life.My breast cancer has spread and metastasized to my bones after receiving mega doses of chemotherapy, 28 treatments of radiation and taking Tamaxofin. If this had been diagnosed as breast cancer in the beginning, perhaps it would not have spread...TO ALL READERS:This is sad as women are not aware of Paget's disease. If, by passing this around on the e-mail, we can make others aware of it and its potential danger, we are helping women everywhere.Please, if you can, take a moment to forward this message to as many people as possible, especially to your family and friends. It only takes a moment, yet the results could save a life.