Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Tech Troubles

Be patient with me. I'm tinkering and stubborn. I WILL get this fixed!

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Allie said...

I haven't been watching the show either. The finale was a fast forward. Grace, I think, had a one night stand with ex- husband Leo and got pregnant. She kept it from Leo and Will wanted to be the dad. Leo came back wanting Grace back and then fast forward 2 years and we see that Will and Grace are not speaking to each other. Jack and Karen try to get them to make up. Meanwhile, Karen loses all her fortune and makes Jack be with that short rich guy (forgot his name) He dies and Jack inherits his wealth. Will and Grace make up but their family keeps them from being together. Fast forward to their kids, Grace's daughter and Will's son, meet in college and Will and Grace meet up again. Their kids are to get married and we assume that Will and Grace continue their friendship. Did you get that? It was a sweet finale. I loved Jack and Karen's duet.

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