Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This N That

Okay, I'm thinking all the dead space is because I deleted a post. Remember the one with all the recommended sites before all the trouble began? I thought it had something to do with the links, so I erased it. I noticed there is space on the left sidebar in my links list as well. Those are where I deleted some links. I looked at the template, and there's no spaces on the template. I have no idea how to fix that. I think for now I'm going to just keep posting. I've lost enough time fiddling with something that should not be that difficult. When I built my page on tripod, it was effortless. You could add pictures and items using buttons. You didn't have to go into a template. I think Blogger should work on that for us, as it is getting to be quite annoying. But anyway, let me update you on other things.

Physical therapy says my father-in-law is ready to come home. The social worker agrees that he is too active for the nursing home, but will need supervision if he stays at home. Home health does not come every day, so we are going to have to try to find sitters, which will be no easy task for round the clock. The alternative is to move him in here or an assisted living facility. My grandmother loves her assisted living apartment. I think it's the best thing we ever did. She rides her scooter down to the lobby and works jigsaw puzzles with her friends. They have potlucks, bingo, and yard sales. She has the benefit of having people check on her daily. I'm not sure Dad would go along with the idea. He wants to be home. And I know I would feel the same way. Pray that the right decisions will be made.

I'm still getting transcription work, though not as much as I would like. It's more like part-time. Hubby still hasn't gotten a job, although he is interviewing every week. Can't fault him for trying. We can't access his 401k until July because of the 90 day waiting period. He is doing odd jobs like mystery shopping and merchandising and product sampling, whatever he can find on the internet to keep us afloat. Mystery shopping is checking up on stores to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do; merchandising is pricing product, putting it out, and ordering more; and product sampling is buying product and shipping it to a company for quality assurance testing.

CWGIII is doing great with his t-ball, and the today's the last day of school. He's no longer a kindergartner. Sniff, sniff. Before you know it he will be driving and dating, and then talk about nervous breakdowns for mommy! His teacher bragged on him yesterday. She gave him the best humor award and told me he was going to be a politician one day. She said, "he has got to be the joy of your life." And I wholeheartedly agree. I couldn't have asked for a better son.
Whenever I do get aggravated at him, I have to stop and think, "Now wait a minute, you're just like that yourself." Maybe that's why I get aggravated, because I see my own faults. I do see myself in him a lot. He's like a little old man sometimes, old before his time. I think it has a lot to do with being raised by older parents and being an only child. I hope I haven't ruined him too much.

Well, guess I better sign off and get back to that novel. Someone's waiting to be rescued. Will check in on your blogs later today. I love reading your posts. Dave T, hang in there with those doctor appointments, and do what they say! If y'all haven't visited Dave's blog, run over there and see him. He has the cutest little dog. And I enjoy reading Mikeylikey's too. Always good to get a man's perspective on things. You'll like his blog too. See ya later guys.


Cathy West said...

Hey girl!"
Glad you are still writing even though you are busy. Keep at it. I have been out of the loop with my sister here, and LOTS of stuff going on - talk about being under attack...but God is still God as you say, He is faithful.
Sometimes it is hard to praise Him in the storm, but I know that is what I have to do.
I also joined the FCW Critique group, so I think that will be a help for me, although critiquing is so much based on one persons take of your writing...but then again, I think publishing is too!!!
Take Care!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Cindy--Just finished visiting Lisa's blog--thought of you immediately! Friend, consider yourself contacted!!!!



Big Dave T said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning me. Least, I think it's me. Can't be too many Dave T's with doctor issues.

I will get that dead space also if I try to post a photo to my blog using Flickr. Guess Blogspot wants me to use their own photo sharing service. So I do. Some fights you can't win, and it usually has to do with the software you're stuck with.

Mike Goodwin said...

Hi Cindy. Thanks for the mention, especially "a man's perspective on things." Think like my dog, my driving habits, and Star Trek. :-)

It's hard to get any blog to work correctly, unless you have a Masters in HTML. I view mine in Firefox and it looks perfect, but jump over to IE, and it looks a little out of whack. I got tired of trying to mess with it so it will look perfect in both. Just keep on a bloggin.....Besides, as my brother always said, it's what you write that keeps people coming back, not how flashy your blog is. :-)

And finally, you haven't ruined your son. You are a wonderful parent, and believe me, it will carry over to your son. Religion in his life will also take him a long way. That's how I was raised, and that's how I raise my son. So far so good, except he can get a license in December. That's where the faith part comes into play. :-)

tam said...

Hello, I have to say I am SO sorry that I somehow missed your comment on my post!

I just found it while doing some clean-up!

thank you for visiting me and I have reciprocated and am thrilled! We seem to have much in common...desire to write (except you're doing it) young ones, same likes in books and movies fun!

And you have the template I almost chose! Hmmmm...can't wait to read more!