Friday, May 26, 2006

Finally Friday

We lost another tree in the storms last night; it got pretty rough around here. We were without power for several hours as the a line of thunderstorms battered the county. It was like a fireworks show outside our home. We live out in the county, and between lightning strikes it was pitch black. Poor Maggie. Not only is she scared of storms, but we've discovered she must be scared of the dark too, because she hated it in the laundry room. She's usually satisfied to be inside, so we figured it must have been the dark.

CWG, Jr. had brought home a party sub and chips, and we ate supper by candlelight. We found a battery operated transister in my son's room that we managed to get the weather reports on. I rummaged in all the drawers for batteries to the weather radio I had stashed in the closet, but to no avail. So much for emergency preparedness. Even the flashlight batteries were run down. You should have seen me padding around barefoot in the garage trying to find it. Then it dawned on CWG, Jr. to open the car door, duh. Instant garage light. LOL.

I was lost without my electronics. I couldn't turn the television on to get the latest radar reports. I couldn't log on to weatherbug; I couldn't even call my family there for awhile. Water must have gotten in the phone lines. Our main phone was dead, and our cell phones had no signal. We were basically just sitting ducks. Well after midnight, my six-year-old finally settled down at the foot of our bed. We prayed that angels would surround our home and keep it together. We prayed that God would keep the trees from falling on our home. We prayed that he would keep all our family safe. After a few short hours of sleep, we awoke to find that God had been faithful to answer our prayers.

We got my father-in-law back home from rehab today. He is a lot stronger, and his mind seems clear today. Today is his 77th birthday, so we're going over in a just a bit to have cake and ice cream with him. Keep praying for him. A few years back my husband had a talk with him about his spiritual condition, and Dad assured him that he had made his peace with God. Yet, while in the nursing home he had mentioned on more than one occasion about just ending it all. I think he feels useless and helpless. I'm sure that being in skilled nursing days on end did not help his depression. He seemed satisfied to be getting back to his recliner. Still, CNA's are hard to come by, and I have my doubts about how long this will last. It's not my decision though. It's his children's. We're taking it all one day at a time.

After that, CWGIII has a t-ball game, and I can just imagine what he will look like when it's over. The sun has shone all day, but the field is bound to be still muddy. Thank goodness they are taking the pictures before the game. So it's been a busy day. (I typed all day yesterday, transcribed 118 pages. But I'm not complaining, no way. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE WORK!!)

And what are you all up to? Big plans for the holiday? Somebody grill me a big steak!


Mike Goodwin said...

I'd grill you a steak, but I have to work. :-( Your father-in-law sounds better today. Even the most faithful can lose faith when they are severely ill, and feeling depressed. That's when family has to be there.

Some storm you had. In fact, I actually saw it on the radar last night in your area. (weather geek) I'm glad you all are okay. It's funny, though how we take all our electronic gadgets and such for granted, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd grill you a steak if i actually knew how to cook. ;~}

Transcribed?...medical, legal?

By the way... up here that "sub" would be called a "hoagie".

How did you find me?

Anonymous said...

oops....not used to blogger

I'm Tom...from Live Journal

Anonymous said...

well you can add not being able to type to not being able to cook...ignore that link up's bad this should work.


tam said...

wow, quite a storm...

Praise the LORD for a beautiful day for muddy t-ball!

And a home that is intact, and children able to play!

Looking forward to more!

Karla said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by To Reflect His Glory. I'd love to know how you found me. =)
I'm loving finding all these great blogs to look at. I'll be back to visit. I don't have alot of free time right now; what, with a toddler & all. =)
Glad you made it through the storms fine. The mountains between you & us break up most of those bad storms before they get to us.

C. H. Green said...

Right now I'm doing legal transcription, but I do medical as well, Tom.
Not sure how I found you karla, you probably commented on someone else's blog I read.
Mike, sorry you have to work.
And thanks for stopping by Tam!