Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mundane Maintenance And A Little Bit of Magic

I've updated my Novel Progress graph to reflect a more realistic goal. I've gotten another chapter written this morning, and I think I'm going to rest a bit. I've had quite a day.

This morning I wrote until 11:00 a.m., and then hubby and I got out and started mowing. Our yard had really gotten out of control because of our neglect the last week. A few days before my father-in-law got sick, my brother-in-law had brought his chainsaw and cut up several dead trees that had fallen as a result of the tornadoes and heavy storms we've had lately. The piles of lumber have been lying in the yard ever since. Well, this morning I decided was the best day to tackle it, since the temperature was fairly mild. We should have started earlier, though, because by 1:30 we were mowing in the rain. We had managed to haul two piles of brush off, barely making a dent in it. But it felt good to at least get the pile in the front yard. We got the front yard mowed and part of the side yard when the storm hit. I finally made hubby come in. The lightening was really intense, and I tried to convince him that it wasn't that smart to be holding those metal handles in the rain. We finally gave up the fight and came into the house dripping wet and laughing about how good the cold rain felt on our sweaty skin. Today was field day for the little one. We were thankful that the rain held off til the last hour. Overall, I think we all had a great day. I'm cooking spaghetti for supper, and we plan a quiet evening at home.

They haven't sent me any typing the last two days, but I did get some feedback that they were pleased with my progress. I hope they send more, but the break has been good for my wip. I'm heading down the homestretch. Can't wait to see how it ends. LOL.

Did anyone see David Blaine's stunt last night? I can't imagine putting yourself in harm's way like that. My lungs were hurting just watching it. I was going to blog about the whole daredevil concept today, but I'm just too pooped right now. Maybe tomorrow. Check back. Oh, and I've been enjoying all your blogs. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen!


Lisa said...

You surely have been busy. I think I go to work to relax, ha ha. Seriously, I have harder work around my home. Good job on tackling those home projects. I have a few to do... :)

Take it easy!!

Mike Goodwin said...

It looks like your novel is chugging along. I can barely write a post, let alone a novel. :-)

I missed the David Blaine bit. I got a little bored of him after his earlier stunts in conjunction with Good Morning America. I prefered his older shows with his illusions and his little levitation trick.

Magnolia said...

Good to see you're still hard at work on the novel. Keep it up and just write. Publishing, editing etc. are in the future. For now, just concentrate on getting the story down.

And yes, 'Jade' is my daughter. What's so funny is she blogged about her health experience about the same time I did. Neither one of us knew the other one was writing about it LOL.

It's so great to have an answer but the 'why' of it all is a toughie. I still don't understand why it took seven years to get answers.

But, praise the Lord that we do finally have an answer.

Heather Smith said...

Keep up the good work on that novel! Hope to see something on those daredevils soon!!

Jade said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I love those days when life seems calm and relaxed.

Your Sister in Christ,


Delia said...

Great job on getting so much writing done. And also on getting some yardwork done.

I saw the David Blaine stunt and as always when he does something like this, I was kind of amazed by it. But then again, kind of in shock that he would actually try to do it. That daredevil mentality completely escapes me. I'm too much of a coward to even think of doing things like that, lol.