Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanks for the Pep Talk

Someone just made an excellent point in a comment about my last post. You can't always control others, but you can control what you do 100% percent of the time. I would tend to agree with this. Unless you have physically lost control of your bodily functions, you have the ability to control your actions and choices. Just because you are married does not mean you are limited by your spouse's choices--or lack of them. You still have a mind of your own. But you have to be willing to exercise your own choices.

For too long now I have let my circumstances rule my decisions. I have let my past rule my decisions. I have let other people make choices for me. For too long now, I have depended on the ability of someone else to take care of me and mine.
I have not had that presence of mind to stand up for myself. True, I have voiced my opinions rather freely, but when the dust settled, nothing ever changed. Because I took no action.

I applaud you anonymous for the great personal strides I know you have made in the past year. I know the sacrifice you made and the commitment you made to become healthier and stronger. I'm sure it was not an easy task. I must admit, I have lacked the motivation necessary to change my life. I can't see past today anymore.

Maybe my resolutions were a bit too general Porchwise. Maybe I should not have been afraid to put specifics in black in white. In making broad generalizations, I left myself with no real strategy for success. I will work on making specific strides in my writing.

Yes, the key is focus! You're absolutely right K. It is obvious my focus for too long has been on the everyday trivial things that in the future realm of things do not matter a hill of beans. It's easy to become overwhelmed with the daily grind, the daily struggle for survival. I've got a child to raise. I have to get these blinders off and just do it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some walking and writing to do. Be sweet y'all.

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Aunt M. said...

Happy Birthday Charles!! We love you because you are a good Dad to that precious little boy and you love our niece. Sorry we are one day late but that's not bad for us. We do love you and pray the best blessings upon you!!

Love and Happy Birthday!!

Aunt M. and Uncle P.