Monday, January 09, 2006

On to more family oriented posts:

What weird weather we are experiencing for January. Yesterday it got up to 68 degrees. Today was just about as mild. My son wanted to play outside with his BB gun. So we went out and set up the targets and had a great afternoon. Yes, I know. I told Santa he was too young for a BB gun, but Santa didn't listen. So, he has supervised training sessions and protective eyewear. I suppose he needs to learn sometime. It brought back alot of childhood memories. And he's an excellent shot!

He is Star of the Week at school this week. He got to bring Baldy the Lakewood Eagle home from school for the weekend. Every day this week they focus on something special about him. He got to pack up one of his favorite toys--a truck I believe his Aunt Mona got him for Christmas, a favorite book (Disney stories), baby pictures, and one of his favorite movies (Rascal). Tomorrow his Dad is going to go and have lunch with him and read his favorite story to the class. I may go along just to sit back and take it all in. His teacher assures me he is an angel. I find it hard to believe he is as perfect as she lets on, but it still does my heart good to hear it. And I so appreciate Daddy taking time out to share a day at school with him. My son will have fond memories that I didn't have. I'm so glad.

Feel free to share any special childhood memories you have here with me. I'd love to hear about them. Especially if you have a funny story to tell. I could use a few laughs.


Anonymous said...

I had sisters that hated me. They thought it was funny to shoot me we their bb guns. Thanks for the wnderful walk down memory lane! (lol)

Anonymous said...

I have a brother and sister - both are loved by me more than they will ever know. I cried like a baby as I watched my sister leave home for her wedding,and again as I helped my brother pack for College. The years have passed, they have their own families now and I have my own home, I can't always protect them from the kicks of life - but if it were up to me we would all still be safe and warm in that little house on Charjean. I love you SRMT & JGM