Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

In case you're wondering, I have neices too. My husband's sister has two daughters, Sally and Jenn. I am so proud of the great strides both of them have made in the past year.

Sally is the oldest. She has been married going on two years and has 4 babies. Her "babies" are big, fat cats that she has taken in and loved to maturity. She and her husband Jeff love animals and probably would have a dog too if it would get along with the cats.

In the past year, Sally has begun taking care of her grandparents--sitting with them and cleaning for them. Overall you might think that this is not that remarkable. But Sally is special. She was born with a hearing deficit that caused her to be developmentally delayed. But that has never stopped her from pursuing anything she wanted, and generally obtaining it. She has taken up housekeeping, cooking, and the responsibilites of married life with eagerness and love. It does my heart good to see her growing in these areas. And I figure her chances of staying happily married are as good and maybe a whole lot better than most of us. She tries harder.
I love you Sally.

Jenn is my other neice, two years younger than Sally. She enlisted with the Army National Guard this year and has just completed boot camp. I'll admit I was scared out of my mind for her, but I had no doubts that she could accomplish the task at hand. Jenn is tough, smart, opinionated, and dependable. She holds a job and attends college and is very good at what she does. I know that she has what it takes to succeed and make her dreams come true. My heart swells with pride whenever I think of the sacrifices she has opted to make to serve our country. I love you Jenn.

I know I missed most of their childhoods. I wasn't there when they were born or when they were very young children. I know that sometimes it is hard to relate to us older folk. But I want them to know I care and will always be here for them, no matter what. I'm in your corner girls. Your mom and dad did good. Remember to thank them for it. Everything you are is because of them.

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