Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Living By Faith

Eight hundred words in on the second chapter, and I'm stumped for details. I'm putting in blanks and parentheses until I can get my facts researched about Memphis. I probably need to make a run down there and check out my geography. Being a novice writer, unlike Sue Grafton, I'm not yet comfortable with drawing my own maps. It's much easier just to use the ones already in place. There's always Expedia and Yahoo maps. But I think I need to see the distances in person to see if what I am writing is realistic.

My story will have three basic locations, all for which I have a fairly good knowledge base. As you have guessed, the book is going to be placed in Tennessee. Write what you know, I'm told.
There will be the two metro areas of Jackson and Memphis, plus a very rural area in a county on the Tennessee River. And no, it's not Henry County, although that was an initial choice. I needed a more secluded, more backwoods location than that. You can imagine what I came up with if you know Tennessee at all. Of course, the Tennessee River is the boundary between West and Middle Tennessee and also runs down through Alabama and back up through East Tennessee. So there are a multitude of possibilities.

So far I have introduced three of the main characters and a couple of insignificant ones. I have moved from one setting to the second one successfully, and am plotting my moves from there. I have plopped the main character in the midst of her crisis and am in the process of moving her a small ways up the first hill of the plot. I am just beginning to introduce the first subplot. Last night I got an idea for one more subplot, but haven't ironed out the logistics of it yet. I think that should be plenty. I'm pretty excited about introducing the first parallel and symbol too. My mind is jumping ahead of itself at leaps and bounds. Slow down, I tell myself. Yet, I know it's useless. I'll have to go back and rewrite and add and rewrite. For now, I have to get the rough draft before I lose it. I have my trusty outline, thank goodness. And this time, I'm backing up daily to disk.

So even though I'm a bit under the weather with this congestion, I am finding it is a good excuse to stay under the covers with my laptop and do what I really love. It doesn't feel like work. And it probably won't until I get some sort of monetary gain from it. (And who knows when that might happen.) When I get chapter three finished, I am going to put together a proposal and start pitching. The sooner I start, the sooner I can start collecting those slips (good or bad).
And for those in my family who are worried that I am living a pipe dream, I am still applying for jobs daily as I find them in the paper and on the internet. I know that I need regular paychecks.
Something will give soon.

Keep praying about it. There's some reason the doors are staying shut. Oh, and I submitted some articles and poetry yesterday too. You dont' know til you try. Meanwhile, i'm learning what it is to live on Faith.


Diane said...

You motivate me! Thank you for the day-to-day outline of what writing a novel really entails. It is a huge project--yet it seems you have broken it down into manageable pieces....in an organized fashion that will only enhance your outcome.

Having written nothing more than short stories, interviews, and inspirational pieces--I have often wondered what a novel would entail. I think you have a book in progress on your blog! Writers need inspiration. Writers welcome motivational spurs. My personal library holds every book written on writing.....and could use one more! Keep up the good work. And I call it work....because it is! I am excited about your enthusiasm...can almost feel the energy flowing across the web. I hope you are feeling better soon--


C. H. Green said...

As always, you are too kind. How's that paper coming along?

Diane said...

Ah yes--the proverbial college paper! It is waiting for me--calling out for me--stalking me in my dreams! Unlike your enthusiastic energy that compells you to write, my motivation isn't nearly as sweet. However, I work on it. As is the case with most academic writing, it requires a very specific, grammatically correct format, research with documented resources, all within APA standards. Not a lot of room for creative writing--which is my forte. However, lest you think I complain too much (!!!!)....I really do enjoy a good project.

Thanks for asking. Finishing my college degree 31 years after starting has been a life-long goal. Now it seems I can't get the last few credits completed! Oh well....it will be worth the wait--then I can begin my masters work. Told you I like a good project! :)


T. said...

I'm an aspiring writer too. I recently ordered a book for writers all about describing places. It lists various geographic locations and describes their features. Maybe you could try a book like that.

C. H. Green said...

Could I get the name of that book please?