Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chapter Four Roughed

Word count: 3213 for this chapter, and I didn't even have to fudge. In fact, there's alot of detail I still have to go back and put in, once I do a bit of homework. I'm pleased with the progress. I've been sick all weekend with a nasty headcold that I didn't want to pass around. So I stayed home from church, coughing my head off, but still able to sit and write. It entertained me and hardly seemed like work. But that's the joy of it, isn't it, fellow writers.

I have introduced two more characters, Beth's parents. Two of our other characters have managed to make their way into another locale. The family has discovered Beth's disappearance, and Beth has made some life-changing decisions. And the first subplot has also been introduced. Or have I told you that already? I forget. The second subplot has been hinted at and will be fully introduced in Chapter 5. Not bad, for the first quarter of the novel. I have a total of about 10,000 words so far, so it's probably going to be a short novel. But most first novels are on the short side. It gives you less margin for error. Listen to me, like I know.

I'm beginning to like this idea of having the outline, a loose outline. The writing seems to go much smoother when you know a general direction you're headed. I didn't think I would like it, but it has its good points. (No pun intended. Laugh.)

I'm so excited I don't think I can sleep now. I'm tempted to work into the night on it, but feeling as I do physically, I think it would be a mistake. So I'll say goodnight for now. Hope all of you have a good week. Rusty, be careful on the road and have a good vacation. The rest of you do the same. I need my friends.

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