Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Writerly Post

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology, my USB flash drive, and Office Depot, I now have a spiral bound hard copy of From Pharaoh's Hand to moon over, drool over, and bleed in red ink over. I had them print it on one side of the page only, so that I would have plenty of room to make edits and notes. It's about 3 inches thick and reminds me of a Nashville phone book. And every time I look at it I smile. It may never be a bestseller; first novels rarely ever are. But it's mine. First thing Chase said was, "Mom, how come you didn't publish it right after we wrote it?" Indeed, we did write it, didn't we son. After all, who gave me the idea for the backpack floating in the river?

I had to fight the urge to do a celebratory dance right there in the Office Depot of Murray, Kentucky. Oh, I've missed my constant companions, Elizabeth and Catfish. I had forgotten how they had kept me up nights and entertained me with their misery. I read back through several chapters. One night this week, I'm going to do a complete read through start to finish to make sure it flows and that I have all the chapters in the right places. I have so many things I want to get done. And that's just with the novel.

Lisa Bergren sent me her two latest novels to review for her blog tour, The Begotten and and The Betrayed. I am about 100 pages in on the first one, but the late night vigil I'm keeping to get it and my work done is wearing me down. Somewhere around 2 this morning I marked my page and placed the tome on the nightstand--not really wanting to quit, but needing to. Torn between working, reading, writing, and sleeping. The sleep won out. But I will get back to you on those. Be looking for those reviews coming up in early September.

Perhaps when the weather turns and the days begin to shorten you will return. I have missed you dear friends. Yet I know all our lives are busy. We all have our day to day dramas to play out. And our own life's work to write. But whenever you can, slip those glasses off, lay the pen aside, grab your coffee mug and join me here. I'm always glad to see you, and we really have a lot of catching up to do. Feel free to drop by anytime. If it's 2 in the morning, we'll make pancakes and have a pajama party. You bring the 80's music, and I'll dance!


Sista Cala said...

Way to go, Sis! Maybe I'll give it a 'once over' too. You wouldn't mind a little green highlighter here and there, would you? :&)

C. H. Green said...

Need all the help I can get.