Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Worship Wednesday goes Western

"I think God must be a cowboy at heart. He made wide open spaces from the start. He made grass and trees and mountains, and a horse to be your friend, and a trail to lead ole cowboys home again.

Campfire coffee from a tin cup in my hand; sure warms your fingers when its cold. Sleeping in the moonlight with a blanket for a bed; leaves a peaceful feeling in my mind. Waking up in the morning with an eagle overhead; makes my long to fly away before my time.

Bright lights and big cities are alright for awhile; sure makes you feel good when you're there. And the country is so pretty goes on and on for miles; takes away my troubles and my cares. "

I learned this song shortly after we married and moved to Colorado. My in-laws spent the evenings singing songs; some gospel and some cowboy. This one just happened to be a little of both. I'm thankful that God left us a Bible trail to find our way to Him. Aren't you?

So what do you think, God a cowboy or not?

We have been vacationing for the past week. We have been in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Actually, we're in Gallup, NM right now. We are sitting in a motel parking lot borrowing their internet connection.

The remote mountain resort where we stayed (aka: in-laws in Arboles, CO) had no internet services. We did have our own suite with complimentary laundry services. We dined on exotic meat cooked by a gourmet chef with 50 years of experience. We also had our own private swimming hole.

Thankful to be headed home. Pray for our continued safety. Thanks. Sista Cala and Cowboy

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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys. Wish it could have been longer time spent with you.
But it was good. Bet you are glad to be home.