Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bedroom Furniture

In my world a home theateris the big king-sized bed me and CWG share, a 27 inch color TV, and a bag of microwavable popcorn. However, there is a world where I dream. And in this beautiful world, I have a home theater complete with flat-screen, HD TV as big as a wall, and nice big comfortable recliners for all my friends and family. That's right. A home theater.

Now, no one I know has a room specifically labeled a "home theater." I ran across a site called Galleryfurniture.com. You can visit Houston Furniture here to see what I am talking about--fine leather recliners, cushy--elegant, casual, beautiful furniture. You can get one or groups of 2, 3, 4 and so on. My favorite one is the big red Cosmopolitan complete with drink holder. It looks wide enough to accommodate my fanny, and the red would go great with my curtains. But of course, if I had a room specified just for a home theater, I might redecorate entirely. Who knows? I would probably be more inclined to get this lovely one with the leg massage.

As a rule, I am a practical girl. I doubt that I would ever own a home with its own home theater. But you never know. If I did, I would love to kick back and see my family videos splashed on a huge screen. Wouldn't that be fun...to kick back with the popcorn in one of those awesome recliners. What would you watch in yours? Indiana Jones? Mel Gibson? Old black and whites? I'm partial to old John Wayne movies myself. But these days I'm sure I would be asleep before the movie ended. I always miss the good parts.

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