Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boys and Their Toys

I bought CWG a pressure washer for our anniversary back in June. Yes, that's what he wanted. You know men and their toys. But the thing has come in handy--for all those vegetable oil spots in my drive from the Frybaby. You should have seen him out there cutting through the grime on the concrete with it, and then it became a game. He began writing "I heart B.C" into the concrete. B.C. is a nickname he gave me when we were newlyweds. It stands for Babycakes. I made him shorten it to B.C. in public.

After a while, the tedium set in, and the driveway sits half done. On to the cars! He washed all three vehicles--paying special attention to the Baby's tires. Oh he was in guy heaven. Then he knocked some of the dirt off the vinyl on the side of the house for good measure. Just one side, mind you. On to the patio! "Honey, look how it makes the brick look new again!" he exclaims. "Good," I reply,"Keep going." But you guessed it...half-done.

I nearly backed over the wonderful device the other day. Yep, it was left hooked to the water hose and parked behind my car. And I find myself thinking that I have more than one little boy to pick up after. But hey, at least he enjoyed his anniversary present for once!


Sista Cala said...

I think 'half-done' or 'half-baked' would be the better title.
But, I'm not pushing it, I have lots of 1/2 done things around my place.

Diane said...

Oh my gosh! As I read through your post...I was envisioning your SON with the power washer...and then, my mind kicked in and I realized it was your BC husband!!!! Too funny! Yes, you DO have two little boys on your hands. But don't we all!!!!

You are in good company--and I'm so glad that he is enjoying such a wonderful anniversary gift!!!


Gina said...

Anyone who calls you babycakes...general rule is, that man gets extra slack! Oh to have my hubby clean. Anything. : ) Thanks for your visit!

butterflygirl said...

Don't you wish a power washer could bring us women the same excitement? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

HLiza said...

Boys and gadgets..they'll never have enough! My other half has never got me flowers or romantic stuffs..but he'll get me handphones, pen drive and now even talking about getting me a hi-fi camera..not that I'm complaining of course! I don't usually buy those for him..not as gadget-savvy myself!