Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In Memory

I love you Mama...Nancy Mccoy Robinson 05/23/1940--08/08/2001

Still in Shock

Aching sadness with no relief
Tears of sorrow, tears of grief,
Longing to feel hands long since stilled
Wipe away tears unwelcomed and spilled.
No other shoulder could calm the storm;
No other hug was as safe and warm.
The grass has grown back, it's no longer bare--
And I still can't believe that it's my mother there.



Delia said...

Oh Cindy, that's beautiful.

Sad but truly beautiful.

Diane J. said...

My Mama's been gone for over 2 years and I still miss her every day, and always will until we're united again at that great Homecoming in the sky.

Love and hugs,


Gretchen said...

God bless you Cindy.
Gretchen Lavender