Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Worship Wednesday

Headed Home

I had actually started a post as we were headed home from New Mexico. We were taking a little break from the road, getting gasoline, using the facilities and such. There were some motels nearby so I 'borrowed' their high speed connection for a few minutes. Somehow I failed to finish it out and now it seems to be old news. The title is still a good one: "Headed Home".

We have been back from vacation for 5 days now, but we are still headed toward home. I'm talking about our heavenly home. No matter where our earthly travels take us, we must always focus on our final destination. Our heading can't be described with latitude or longitude degrees. It is merely that place whose Builder and Ruler is God. The City that has streets paved with gold, gates of pearl, and walls of jasper.

Heading is a term used by aviators. It is a reference point related to the direction of flight. Our spiritual journey is guided by a book of directions better known as the Bible. We have three major reference points to guide us. The first is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The second is marked by His crucifixion and resurrection. The third is His future return to gather the saints.

Somewhere along the way we must recognize His virgin birth and sinless life. Then to solidify our direction we must intersect with the second reference point, the crucifixion. We must believe that He died for our sins. Then follow Him, each bearing our own cross. The third major reference point is still yet to be reached. It will signal our final destination.

All along the journey there will be sign posts. Some are near the path and easily read. These are the scriptures. Others may be audible instead of written. They may come directly from the throne room or be given through His servants here on Earth. Still other instructions will come as gentle tugs from within the heart of the traveller. The narrow road will not missed as long as all of the signs are obeyed.

Detours happen. Many times they are accidental. Sometimes they are intentional choices. Either way they cause delays in reaching home. Good things can come from being detoured, but they are not easily recognized. Often times they are realized after the road weary get back on the right track. It is important for us to learn from our mistakes in order to avoid duplicating them.

The new "on-star" equipped vehicles are a real asset to those who have experienced break downs or have lost their way. The commercials depict the stranded motorist making a phone call. A pleasant voice answers and says that help is on the way. Problem solved.

The same principle applies to our temporary break downs and other unpleasantries. Even when we have no idea where we are or how we got there, an humble request to the right Person will bring an immediate answer. That assistance may not come in the way we expect or desire. It may even be delayed in coming. Be patient and rest assured; He hears and He responds to the cry of the penitent.

In your time of despair, don't call 'on-star'. Call the Bright and Morning Star. He will always light your way home.


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What an encouraging post... Yes, I love my life but I know once I get to my eternal home, the joy with be incomparable!