Monday, December 11, 2006

Useful Info

With winter comes the evil, dreaded dry skin and mucous membranes--sore throats and coughs, all that nasty stuff. We tend to turn up our thermostats and all that dry hot air just dries us out. CWGJR has sleep apnea, and we have found that he has to use a humidifier attached to his nasal BI-pap machine to find relief in the winter. He has sleep apnea, and that little machine has done him wonders. And I don't have to hear him snore anymore. It supplies warm, moist air to his nasal passages and lungs directly and has helped him immensely. And since I've noticed CWGIII with a dry and red nose as well, I imagine a room humidfier for his room is in order.

Humidifiers come in a variety of sizes, prices, and brands. Sometimes it can be confusing as to what you need. Do you need one in your bedroom only? Or one for the whole house? What brand is best? Did you know there is an optimum humidity level that's best for your home? I didn't. I was reading at
complete guide to buying a house humidifier and found a wealth of information on humidifiers including desirable features and brand comparisons. If you have the same winter time troubles, you might want to check out the information. There are many other useful links on those pages that can point you in the right direction.

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