Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Unique Ideas Make for a Special Wedding Day

My neice recently got married, and I have to say a few things have changed in the 10 years since I married. More and more brides are having non-traditional or unique weddings, music, favors, and attire.

Jennifer had a gorgeous wedding, but it was like none I had ever been to. For starters, my son Chase was the ring bearer. Nothing unusual about that. But he was pulling the 14-month-old flower girl in a decorated Red Flyer wagon down the aisle. I had to hold my breath from the back of the sanctuary where I was prompting the bridesmaids. But all went well, and little Riley didn't tumble out head first as I had imagined.

There were no traditional wedding songs. Jenn came down the aisle looking radiant on the arm of her father, Ken, to "I Loved Her First." Her bridal gown was traditional ivory, strapless with a fingertip veil. For accent there was a long chocolate sheer sash over her shoulder that fell down the front of her gown. It was much prettier than I imagined when they first told me about it.

Her colors were ivory and sage. She had sage and ivory napkins and a sage colored wedding cake that looked like a wedding gift in three tiers. Inside it was wonderfully surprising chocolate cake.

On each of the tables in the reception hall, there were little bells attached to cards that had little thank you poems on it. You can go to this link to find cheap but elegant wedding favors:cheap wedding favors. There were white lights strung across the ceiling of the fellowship hall and hurricane globes with pillar candles on the tables surrounded by floral wreaths in ivory and sage.

When the bride and groom left the church still dressed in their finery, instead of birdseed or the old standby rice, the couple ran through a corridor of bubbles. The pictures turned out wonderful. And I'm sure they were both grateful not to be picking little grains out of their scalp all night.

Overall, it was one of the prettiest weddings, and although I'm partial, one of the prettiest brides I have ever seen. And the ringbearer, well he was the most handsome guy there, bar none. I'm just glad he chose to wail til a couple weeks after the wedding to play barber. Yes, he did. His hairline is now about 3 inches higher. Sigh. Well, he's still handsome...I suppose I'll cry when his day comes.

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