Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

Okay, I know I've been lax with the holidays and everything. Time to get back to normal I suppose. Everyone I've talked to has had this crud. I hope you and your family are well. We did have a great Christmas getting together with family. I haven't taken everything down yet. Sort of took it easy today between typing. Yes, it's back to work for me. And I have CWGIII for another week until school starts back, so naturally I'm doing the night shift thing.

We've been outside in the cold setting up his fake deer so he can target practice with his B.B. gun. He got the gun last year, and this year asked for a fake deer to shoot at. I just hope no one thinks it's the real deer and starts shooting into my yard. Maggie sure hated it. She ran around barking at it and snarling. We had to take it down after target practice to keep her from taking it apart.

He also got a Dukes of Hazzard remote control car and a Roboreptile and a bunch of other things he probably didn't need. They kept him pretty much occupied yesterday, but today, he was a bit subdued. My guess is he's all partied out. I know I am. And it's back to the diet for me after today. All the rich food has taken its toll on me.

So how was your holiday? Leave me some comments and let me know. I trust all is well.


Anonymous said...

Our Christmas was wonderful. The kids only received two gifts each and they were as happy as one could be. The Lord was definitely in the midst of it all. We were homeless last year and we did not forget the gift of a home, family and food this year. God has overwhelmed us with His blessings.

And here's looking to eating right this whole year. Yay! Our God is an awesome God. I like hanging out here, btw. Thanks for letting me.

Vicki said...

Yep, all the food has taken its toll on me, too. Not that I ate so much, but it seems the older I get, the more sensitive I've become to preservatives, additives, and all that other stuff. Need to get back to my FatFlush diet and cleanse out the toxins! Hope you had a great Christmas! We're leaving up the decorations for awhile in case some relatives drop by.

God bless you!