Friday, December 08, 2006

Prayer Requests

I have some needs in my family I'd like to share:

My sister, pt2006 is down in her back and off work for a couple of weeks. Please pray for a healing touch so that she is able to get back to her life and enjoy the holidays.

My grandfather (the one in the nursing home) has full blown pneumonia and has been in the hospital for over a week now. He needs God's intervention.

As usual, continue to pray for my husband a full time job with benefits. Times are financially hard. This Christmas will be a little better than last--at least I'm working regularly. But we really need a miraculous intervention.

Continue to remember my friends' mother who has breast cancer. She is finished with her radiation and just waiting to see if it helped.

My husband's father's weight is improving thanks to buttermilk and cornbread. His mental state is about the same. An acquaintance saw us out shopping the other night and said they saw him out walking to the store and that he walked out in front of about five cars while crossing a busy intersection. This worries me greatly. We finally have meals on wheels set up, a home health nurse, and a CNA to bathe him and do small housekeeping jobs. This is helping out some. But as you know, with Alzheimers things will not get any better unless God intervenes. Pray for his safety and God's will in this situation.

I do feel a bit selfish about asking about my personal needs, but I realize I can't carry these burdens alone. I encourage you to share your own needs here and those of others you know. There is power in numbers and power in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear friend, there's nothing selfish about letting your needs be known so we can pray. We want to "bear one another's burdens." I join with you fervently to lift up these heartfelt needs. May the Lord, who is always faithful to His Word, meet you at every turn, comfort, heal, and provide. Calling on the name of Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Jireh for you and yours.

Warmest Christmas blessings & hugs,

Anonymous said...

It's not selfish at all to ask for prayer, everyone needs others to pray with them from time to time. And I truly believe, like you said, there is power in numbers when we pray.

I'll be praying with you.

Gretchen Lavender said...

I know you are worried about your father-in-law. My thoughts are with you:-)

C. H. Green said...

Thank you. And God bless you all.