Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Project

Update: I'm around Page 100 of the rewrite. Taking it slow, eyeballing every word, phrase, and line. It's a good thing too, because when I combined all the chapters into one file, an entire chapter was missing. Missing! I couldn't find it on my hard drive anywhere, but luckily I did have it on a CD. I couldn't even remember all the details; I just knew that critical information was being talked about in Chapter 9 that I didn't remember editing in Chapter 8. Sure enough, Chapter 8 was gone. Don't ask me how that happened. I have no idea. Just glad I found it. Two hundred more pages of editing and proofing, and maybe I'll let you have a read-through, sis. Right now it's still rough. And I really must start on that proposal and synopsis I've been putting off. To me, that will be the least fun part. But necessary. Diane, I know you surf and visit a lot more blogs than I do. I need you to find out who the best Christian authors use as a reputable agent. I know you can do this. You just seem to be well-connected in the internet realm. Let me know what you find out. I've done some research, but even at staying up till all hours, I don't have enough time to do all I need. Magnolia, maybe you have an idea as well, though I know you do Romance fiction. Anybody else out there that has had a good experience with an agency, I welcome your opinion.

I have about 1200 words done on THE DUST OF ROSE HILL. That would be about 1000 words of the first chapter, and 200 words of the final paragraph of the book. Sometimes the titles and endings are the easiest to get--at least for me. My initial outline is a bit bare bones, but maybe I should leave it that way and let my imagination wander around a bit more than with the first one. I'm in a bit of a quandry about content again. I don't want this book to be dark, but the subject matter is heavy. I'm going to have to find a way around that, I suppose. And yes, Diane, I've decided to delve into the not-so-magical world of the alcoholic, the gritty details of mental illness, and the common cause for sin--temptation. Will I be able to find a brighter side or even some humor to this fictional cast? You know I love the challenge, girl.

They've slowed down on sending me work, which is not a good thing. But I sent my resume to several more transcription companies online, and one has responded. I'm hoping that will work out. If anybody knows any reliable companies I can send my resume to, feel free to share. March St. Ives I miss your blog and having you around to talk shop with. Hope you're still lurking somewhere.

Thank you to all my regular readers, both faithful and occasional. I'm reading your blogs as well. A lot of times I read without commenting, but you all are so fantastic. I noticed on JL's blog that he had his pic taken with Jack Canfield, you know, the Chicken Soup guy. Must be nice to get out and about, rub elbows with the elite.

I guess I'll go to bed now. Even though it's not quite midnight. Took the boy to Vandy for a checkup on his tubes. He's doing great. Doc says she might dismiss him in December. I'm tired and rambling as I do when I get sleepy. Goodnight friends.

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