Friday, July 21, 2006


We arrived home last night after midnight. We were supposed to spend our last night in St. Louis, but they had a terrible storm Thursday night that took out power over the city. We heard they were under Martial Law and had called in the National Guard to rescue the trapped and guard the city, so we sold our room to a native couple needing it and came on home. We were tired when we arrived but grateful that our home had electricity and air conditioning. The heat has been overwhelming.

We really had a great time while we were away, and I think my son will have fond memories of the fun things we did. We only had one little blip, and that was because I was nervous about crossing the river bridge at Cairo, Illinois. It's an old, long, two-lane bridge with very little room for maneuvering. Take a look at these pictures. Scroll down to the view from the South end, and you will see a huge hairpin curve at the end. This bridge drives me insane, and more so at 11:00 at night. Add to that the fact that the hubby refused to get gas while in Missouri. We were driving on fumes. "Just wait. There's an all-night gas station right across the bridge in Illinois," he said. So I bit my lip and prayed we wouldn't run out of gas while crossing the terrifying bridge. Of course, after the few tense minutes across the bridge I stopped biting my lip and began railing about the gas station. "Where's that gas station? See, there's nothing but levee here." But to answer your question, yes there was a gas station a couple miles farther down, and yes, we did make it to it. And yes, I settled down after we got home. Still, I hate that bridge. Beautiful to look at, but no fun to drive across -- and a far cry from the beautiful new bridges at Cape Girardeau and St. Louis. I felt totally safe on those.

But to change the subject, today they sent me a couple of files to get done, so I've been typing and working on laundry. We spent a couple of hours playing "Spiderman Monopoly" with our son, and just enjoying our final days of vacation. I am also working on my book proposal for FPH. Time to get serious about it. Hopefully I will have more time to concentrate on it when Chase gets back in school. I also want to get back to my WIP.

Leave me some comments and tell me what you all have been into while I was away. I'll try to catch up on your blogs tonight.


Morning Glory said...

Glad you're home safely. You're right -- that bridge is beautiful but scarey.

MugwumpMom said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation and made it home safely. That is one scary bridge. Vancouver is a city of bridges, being on the mouth of the Fraser River. There are 11 bridges in the city and we have one old narrow one like the Cairo..called the Patullo and I never drive it..I'll take the long way. The Girardeau is identical to our Alex Fraser Bridge. Must have been the same builders??
Hope you have a great weekend.

Cindy said...

So glad to hear that you are home and had a enjoyable vacaction. I can totally undestand you fear of crossing that bridge. Looking at those pics, I would have been terrified too! At night time, I think I would have totally freaked out!! LOL!

With Love In Christ,