Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Bear Sighting

Starting next Monday, I will be trying to get life back into its normal routine, including the transcription and writing and looking for a publisher. I have missed my blogging buddies; there will be a lot of catching up to do with everyone. I trust your summer is going great. I want to hear about any vacations you've had. It sounded like Diane had a great time up at the cabin. We're trying to decide on a getaway week after next, just to relax a bit after the stress and grief we've been through. I don't really want to get far from home. Our budget right now doesn't allow for an extended vacation. I thought maybe a few days in the Ozarks or the Smokies.

While I was sitting with my granny one day recently I read about a black bear being captured in my town. Evidently it was tagged with an ID that indicated it had wandered over to this side of the Mississippi from the Ozark mountains. It was taken to the Memphis Zoo, and it may eventually be returned to the wild. The last black bears on our end of Tennessee to be seen were in the 1800's, so this was a rare sighting. And I had just told CWGIII recently that he couldn't go bear hunting around here, because there weren't any bears. LOL. Maybe he prayed to have bears to hunt. His dad got him a log cabin clubhouse last week, and the two of them are planning to furnish it. Looks like I'm going to have a real Davey Crockett on my hands. I'm guessing the three of us will be camping out in the backyard before long...wonder if the wireless signal will reach.


MugwumpMom said...

Let's just hope your Davey Crockett does take to wearin the coon skin cap.
We have so many black and grizzly bears around here, we should ship down your way.
Enjoy your weekend and hope things are settling down for you.

Magnolia said...

Hey : - ), hope you find just the right spot for you all to relax and have some vacation fun.

I saw a black bear running along side the road once--it was 1988 in Murphy, NC. I was driving and almost passed out. I was by myself and boy did I get out of there! Everyone kept saying there were no black bears in that area. HA! Someone tell that to the bear!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Big Mike is over at MSN Spaces, lives in Australia. His site is: