Saturday, July 08, 2006

If Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I'm only Halfway There

Today I decided the family was going to tackle the house that has been let go for a month. So, I let the boys sleep in and watch cartoons until noon, and then I cracked my whip and insisted on getting started. Four hours later we have five loads of laundry done and folded, but not yet put away; one closet cleaned out; one load of dishes done; the front living room totally finished; the guestroom finished except for vacuuming; the garbage gathered up; the dining room finished except for dusting the chairs; and still there is a huge pile of odds and ends on the kitchen table. There's still bathrooms to be done and the other floors to be done. I don't believe my house has been this unlivable since I moved in. I have literally let everything go. But it's getting there. The boys are gone to get lunchmeat for an early supper. And then it's back to business. CWGIII's room hasn't been touched yet either. CWG, Jr. took a half hour going through a tall stack of mail and paying bills. I know I could have so much more done in four hours. I just can't get them to stay on task. I will look up and CWGIII will be dragging out more toys. CWG, Jr will be on the toilet. They whine that they are tired. LOL. I look around and see all that's left to do and say, how can you be tired? Men. humph. My little one has even used the phrase, "that's your job, mommy." Yes, I've spoiled them both. But it's back to cleaning for me. Talk to you later. Hope your weekends are going well. Oh and KK, I found the new belt in the computer cabinet. Still haven't figured that one out yet. LOL. At least it still has the tags on it so I can take it back. Sigh.


Praying for your Prodigal said...

Isn't it a good feeling to get, even a few things done! Good for you for including the men in your life in the clean-up!

I remember the day my son, then 12 years old, said, "It's your job mom!" He wanted to go to "Go to Work with Dad" day--instead of staying home with me. His primary reason...Mom didn't have to do much!

WEll.....we lived on the hobby farm then, so he got up with me before dawn, fed the horses, let them out, mucked the stalls, cleaned the barn, restacked the hay bales, and washed down the aisle ways in the barn. All before breakfast! Then, we mowed the lawn (five acres), picked up the fallen tree branches, and weeded the landscaping. This was done by noon. After lunch--he was CERTAIN it was time for some fun.....but I told him we had the house to do yet---before making dinner. So--we charged ahead and mad the beds, started the laundry, did a bit of ironing, and went grocery shopping. AFter the cupboards were stocked--he was SURE we could stop this nonsense....I told him we needed to make dinner. After dinner was in the oven, we went out to lunge the horses, and return them to their stalls--after a good grooming. After feeding the cats and dogs, and giving the evening grain to the horses, we went in to set the table and get ready for dinner. He was near collapse stage now---but still, there were the dishes to do and of course, more laundry to do! Long after Dad came home from his day of work, my son and I were still doing the evening chores.

The short of it, my son learned that Mom's job entails more than meets the eye! I can't say he learned to appreciate my job--he did learn however, to never comment on mom's job AGAIN!

It is our job to let our boys know that everyone's job is they will grow up to appreciate their future wives!

:) Diane

P.S. It must be noted....I did more in that ONE day than I EVER did--but couldn't let him know it!

C. H. Green said...

LOL. My boys think I'm a slave driver. I should let them read your comment. Or maybe plan a full day of "fun."

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.