Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun City Here We Come

Yesterday we landed at Hannibal, Missouri--you know, of Mark Twain fame. We stayed at Hotel Clemens (indoor pool) and had a river view. In fact, we had a view of the mighty Mississipp for most of the ride over from St. Peter. We passed through Clarksville on the way and ate at a quaint diner with a riverview. Chase loved to watch the barges go through the locks at the dam. I love the field of sunflowers we passed, complete with artist sitting roadside with an easel to capture the beauty. If you ever go to Louisiana, Missouri drive to the top of the old cemetery. The path winds and winds to greater elevations. In a way, it was a bit scary how high we were climbing. But once we reached the pinnacle of the cemetery, I believe we encountered the best view in the city. You could look out, and as far as you could see the Mississippi River stretched beyond. Chase was obsessed with the size of the cemetery. He could not believe that they didn't build something on this great piece of property. He was stunned when I told him that at the time the cemetery was started there probably wasn't even electricity. Some of the graves dated back to 1822 that we saw. We have no idea how old the oldest were.

We went to Sawyer's Creek and let him ride the bumper boats, feed the catfish, play in the arcade, and do water wars with his dad (high tech water balloons.) Then we headed over to Mark Twain's cave for a 3/4 mile walking tour through a 52 degree underground wonder. It was incredible to tour the labyrinths and see the markings on the inside. Jessie James is said to have hid out in this particular cave. It was a welcome respite from the 98 degree weather outside. Chase and I kept looking up expecting to see bats overhead. There was even a "Marriage Corner," and the guide said at least seven marriages have taken place inside. He joked and said it was the best place to start a marriage, because it would already be on the rocks, and there would be no place for it to go but up. LOL.

This morning we toured the Haunted House on Hill Street, complete with wax figures of Mark Twain's family and characters. We drove up to Lover's Leap for a fantastic view of Hannibal. Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. We took a few pictures. Maybe I will finally get some scanned and posted when we get home.

This afternoon we left for Nauvoo. But hubby had a great surprise. He booked us rooms in Burlington, Iowa, which is about a half an hour from Nauvoo. This is where he booked us, and you would not believe the fun place it is. In fact, it has an entertainment complex called "Fun City" inside. As soon as we got here we ate supper and played Lazer Tag, which I had never done. Then we visited the arcade where we got on a simulated roller coaster ride. You wear 3D glasses and sit in these chairs that move and put all the g-forces on you while you watch a screen. I screamed the whole time. Chase and CWG, Jr. LOVED it. Chase got to drive the go-carts, and right now as I write the two of them are bowling. We didn't get finished in time to do the indoor/outdoor water park that is attached to the hotel. That's on the list for first thing in the morning. We have a room that has a balcony overlooking the indoor part. There's all sorts of slides for the little ones and big ones. There's a huge bucket that fills and tips periodically, dumping the water on those below. There's a "Lazy River" you can float down in an innertube. I actually wanted to do this tonight as hot as I was, but there's plenty of time tomorrow. We got a package deal for two nights, and we may end up staying a third to see the Burlington Bees play. Can you believe how blessed we were to find such an awesome place to stay? And within our budget!

Tomorrow night we will see the pageant in Nauvoo about Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (My husband's family claims to have roots in this "denomination." I'm not sure if this is a denomination or if another word would best describe it.) We don't adhere to their beliefs, but I don't mind going and learning about them and the historic town. There will be several old-timey demonstrations there as well as musicals and entertainment -- all of which is free. Plus, you get the awesome backdrop of that fabulous river again. I don't know that I would ever grow tired of it. If the great Mississippi doesn't inspire you, I don't know what would.

I finally got back to the room to check the email, and I think they will have some transcription work for me tonight -- maybe a couple of hours. That's what is so cool about my job. It's portable. And I can do it on my schedule. And it's entirely electronic. Only problem is if you forget your power cord. But never fear. Staples says we can bring the one we had to purchase back if we don't damage the packaging. (Wasn't that a nice gesture, especially since power cords are $80.) Anyway, we're having a great time. I'm so glad we got away for a few days before school starts back. We are so blessed to be working again and able to do this for our son and our sanity -- especially after the June we have had. Check out the links. If you want a more laid back vacation, dare I say even "educational" vacation, this is a great way to get it in. Who would have thought that past all those bean and corn fields there would be a "Fun City!"


Delia said...

It sounds like you're having a great time! Which is something I'm sure your whole family needed after all of the things ya'll have had to go through lately!

Keep on having fun and don't let them give you too much work on your vacation!

MugwumpMom said...

How did you like lazer tag? I play with my son (he kicks my but!) and it's so much fun...you sound like you're having a great time, and will need a vacation to rest from your vacation when you get home!

Shelley said...

Sounds like you had a great time on your vacation!

C. H. Green said...

Loved lazer tag, but I'm no good at hiding. Too big a target LOL. I just clicked on that link for the hotel and realized it doesn't take you there. It's a BestWestern in Burlington, Iowa. Great place!

Anonymous said...

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