Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eccentricities Exposed

I've been reading some of the other blogger's posts, and it seems that somehow in the tagging, a requirement got left out of the instructions. Most of the people's lists I have seen involved six "weird" things about yourself. I checked back at Morning Glory's post, and it just said six random things. But in case you were disappointed with my list, I'll post 6 utterly weird things about me. I hope I don't lose readers over this. LOL.

  1. I have to have a straw when drinking cold liquids. Cold liquids hurt my teeth and make my nose cold. I have an aversion to anything cold. See my post on Raynaud's Syndrome.
  2. Ok, this is disgusting. The toenail on my pinkie toe on my left foot is almost non existant. In fact, if you take clippers and start clipping, you can clip all the way to the nail bed, and I don't even feel it. There's not enough there to even paint, sadly, if I painted my toenails--which I hardly ever do.
  3. I can't stand public gatherings, especially crowded ones. If we go to a restaurant that is crowded, I nearly have a conniption. (For those of you Yankees and foreigners in our midst, a conniption is, put plainly, a fit. Crowds make me nervous. You never know when a stranger is going to try and talk to you. And I never know what to say back. Stupid, I know. I can talk for days in bloggyland with total strangers. But put me in a room with a 100 strangers, and I get all tore up. (Another Southernism. Sorry, can't help it.) I can be in a room with 15 people I know very well, and still panic. Why that is, I don't know. I enjoy family gatherings. But things like school meetings, t-ball games, local events, and Wal-Mart (I hate Wal-Mart, you always see someone you know.) drive me insane. My hubby loves Wal-Mart for the exact opposite reason, I think. He wants to get out and see who's there.
  4. I was the school reporter in second grade, actually making me a published writer when I was 8. There was no byline to prove it, but I have a newspaper clipping of a photograph of me and the librarian and naming me as such. I had forgotten this, until I read someone else's blog that said they had gotten their publishing start in a newspaper. I don't guess this falls in the category of "weird," but maybe ironic that I turned out to be a writer. Or maybe not. Maybe I've repressed it that long.
  5. I can't eat tomatoes, boiled okra, or soft pickles, due to the slime factor. I can eat fried green tomatoes, fried okra, and crunchy pickles (but I prefer the baby pickles because they have less slime.)
  6. If I lose something I am absolutely anal about it until I find it--even if it's three a.m. and I have to get up early the next morning. Lately, I have had to force myself to stop looking for things. Since we moved last year, there have been a multitude of items I can't find. I keep trying to tell myself, "It will turn up one day." But even though I may not even need that thing right at that moment, not knowing where it is drives me bonkers. I'd hate to see myself if I lost something really, really important. (We were up til 2 the other night searching for 2003 tax returns--Don't ask. And no, we didn't find them.)

So there you have it friends. All my weirdness, check, some of my weirdness on display for the whole world. I hope you still love me.


Praying for your Prodigal said...

:) Love you to pieces! We are "sisters" afterall! We all have those endearing little quirks....that make us special!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

I love your thoughts on gifts for seasons. You are very wise....and I can't wait to see the path unfold in front of you as God directs you to His path for your future. It's great to have this online journal when you are looking can see His handiwork...and your faithfulness.


Morning Glory said...

Using a straw is my thing too, but I like them because I know they didn't have to go through the dishwasher and they're probably cleaner than the glass I'm using in the restaurant.

The 6 random things is the one that came to me. I think there are two memes out there that are similar.

Delia said...

I don't like crowded places either, but I tend to go in the other directin and talk too much to cover my nervousness.

Thank you for the lovely welcome!

Delia said...

Wow, a wonderful thing to do on my first comment on your blog, mispell direction. ;0)