Monday, April 03, 2006

Tornadoes in Tennessee

I was up late last night keeping an eye on the weather. My little weather dog started in scratching the door around 8 p.m. I knew there were strong storms predicted. My oldest sister, Carla and her husband had brought my son home from a weekend of visiting. ( It was soooo nice to have a weekend alone with my husband.) They left just as the storms started. I worried about them til they called me back saying they made it. Today at least 23 families in Tennessee are grieving the loss of family members and trying to put their lives and homes back together. They are all in our prayers today as we grieve with them. Other states had destruction and loss of life as well. Put those families on your prayer list. They are in for a long road ahead. As I am learning through my experiences, sometimes life hands you painful situations. It is up to us in how we respond to them.

If He has allowed a storm to brew in your life today, allow it to strengthen you and bring you closer to Him. God is not happy to see us suffer, but He always delights in our growth as we progress through the trial. Sometimes our suffering is not about's part of a bigger plan that we cannot see. We are not omniscient. Who knows the reason some things happen? Sometimes it is not about bringing us to our knees, but bringing others to theirs.

These tragedies have a way of bringing communities and families together. They have a way of bringing out the best in folks that might have otherwise forgotten how to share and care and love their neighbor. It's hard to see the good in destruction and yes, even death. But there is always something you can find to thank Him for, if you look beyond the pain of the situation. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, even years to see past it. But hold on. Put your trust in Him. We are grieving with you families. You are in our prayers. May you feel His peace lifting you above the storm.

I want to wish my nephew Carson a Happy 2nd Birthday today! You've come along way baby, and Aunt "Dindy" loves you.


Morning Glory said...

You've posted some very good thoughts to consider. I've just read back through the month of March and you have touched my heart.

Thank you for visiting my blog recently, too.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Yes, Cindy--you have given us all something to hang out hats on....during the most violent of storms! Thanks!


Lisa said...

My hubbie was in Atlanta GA and getting his truck unloaded when a tornado siren was going off-yikes! I'd be running for a basement. They just kept unloading the truck and my hubbie continued on his way like nothing was happening. This was of course in the middle of a huge t-storm! Talking about trust.

I believe that the journey my husband & I are going on right now is going to strengthen us in the long run. We are apart 3 weeks out of every month and it's tough, but God is good and He knows best.

Nice post!