Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've been Tagged

Ok. This is the first time I've gotten tagged in bloggyland. I got tagged by MorningGlory to tell six random things about myself, and then tag six more people. First you post with your six things, then you go to six other blogs and let them know they are tagged and to find the details on your blog. So here goes:

  • I play piano.
  • I love horseback riding, although it's been 20 years since I have been on one.
  • I am the middle child. I have two sisters.
  • I have a journal fetish. I can't resist them at bookstores or even Wal-mart. Something about the blank pages just draws me to them.
  • Blue is my favorite color.
  • Last time I checked, there were some gray hairs under all that auburn dye. LOL.

I'm tagging Diane, March St. Ives, Rachel, Lisa, Magnolia, and kpjara. Happy blogging.


Morning Glory said...

Gotta love the ability to hide those gray hairs!

Thanks for playing along.

March St. Ives said...

Gosh. I feel so... tagged. I mean, who can resist talking about themselves?

I've gotta admit, I, too, am facinated by a journal's blank page and have been ever since I was old enough to write a sentence. (say, that might be a trigger for a blog). I enjoyed reading the six things about you. Now I feel like I know you even better.

Six Random Things About Me:

I have an infusive love for all creatures great and small, especially baby animals.

My parents adopted me.

Book stores and literary guilds -- I'm hopelessly addicted.

I stopped watching television in January -- and I don't miss it one little bit.

I whistle while I work, I dance when I feel like it and I sing out loud.

My hair is dark, dark brown and naturally curly. I've given up trying to straighten it. Now I just let it do whatever it feels like on any given day.

That was fun. Now I've gotta think of six people who will cooperate with me, and play this game.