Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Prayer and Purpose

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Posted by Sista Cala over at Timeless Text Messages.

Play time was always a good time until I got tired of being chased and caught. Then I would suggest a game of hide and seek. When I wearied of playing with my little sisters, I would hide in the crawl space under the house.They would not dare enter there. The part where I hid was about 4 feet tall and had a concrete floor. It doubled as a cellar for wonderful home-canned veggies.

They would holler and scream, "we give up", but I wouldn't come out. It was a cool sanctuary; peaceful and quiet. I didn't mind the spiders; they were just doing their job, cutting down on the insect population. The smell was earthy and strangely comforting. Although the possibility of snakes was real, I wasn't particularly worried about them either. They too, served a purpose in keeping the rodent population at bay.

Even the scary places in life serve a purpose. If we were never afraid, we would never learn to lean on the Lord. The dreary places cause us to search for the Hope. Dry times force us to call out for the rain of the Holy Spirit. Flooded emotions necessitate a petition for the Standard to be raised. Even in a furnace of fire, He is there.

Many of our service men and women are in frightening places. Some may be in the heat of the battle. Others may be bound and imprisoned. In convoys, planes, ships, or foxholes; the Christians are calling on the Lord for help. Others are without faith and need the Savior in their lives.

Please pray for all the men and women of the United States Armed Services. Whether home or abroad they are a vital part of our defense system. Pray for the families of of those who are serving. Pray for President Bush. Pray people pray.

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Anonymous said...

sista cala said "Pray people pray."

Yes, everyday.