Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snow White

We've only seen it once, about a week before the 4th. We had headed out in the Fry Baby (That's my hubby's veg oil Mercedes) to find where the huge fireworks were coming from. You could hear the booming inside the house, but when you walked out you couldn't see them. Odd, we thought, and so we decided to investigate. Turns out the fireworks were over three miles away. The Country Club was doing a show.
On the way out of our subdivision we saw three deer grazing under a tree in our neighbor's front yard. We thought at first that the moonlight was playing tricks on us. We looked again. It had to be an albino. How unusual. Finally two of them skittered off into the trees with the ghostly one following. A shame we didn't have a camera with us, I thought. Not that any of my photographs ever turn out anyway.
It has become a game for us now every time we are out at dusky dark to look for Snow White. But so far she hasn't ventured into the open again. But then again, night before last Maggie barked for two solid hours starting at 3 a.m. Maybe she couldn't believe her eyes either. I'll be sure and have the camera handy from now on, just in case the 7 dwarves show up with her. Nite Y'all.


Sista Cala said...

You should link the (veggie oil..) to your post about it. :-)

C. H. Green said...

You're right. I'm so lazy. Just took care of that.

Nadine said...

I never seen an albino deer. How interesting.

Diane said...

Snow White!!!!

You really do need a photo of that....not just for your faithful blogging friends....but for the Associated Press!


I'm all ready and anxious to get in my go pick up Dawn. Can't wait! Almost as exciting as seeing Snow White!!!!

When are you coming to Minneapolis?????? (Hint! Hint!)

Oh well, maybe once you get that snapshot you will need to travel to Minneapolis for a press junket!


C. H. Green said...

You're on my To-Do list I promise. Sometimes I think life just keeps throwing us these curves to try to dissolve the unity in spirit we have. But I don't think there's much a chance of that, do you? I hope you enjoy your visit with Dawn. Big hugs to both of you.