Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time for a Check Up?

I apologize for not posting more the last few days. We have had an in-law crisis and houseguests since Saturday. Things are improving a little. My neice is having surgery on her wrist Friday. It is broke in two places. Please pray for her. As always, Sista Cala has been faithful to send her Worship Wednesday post, and I actually got it posted in time! I will get back to my regular posts soon.

The other day I received a brochure regarding a Health Screening that would be available in the coming days. It was addressed to my late mother, but it was "junk mail" so I trashed it. Not long afterward, the idea for this post came to mind. I retrieved the brochure and began to read. It went something like this: Dear Mrs._____, Family Friendly Church in your city may not be the location that you typically think of for administering life saving screenings. However...

Then statistics were given as to how many people had participated in these screenings. The numbers showed a certain percentage of folks that had no symptoms yet the tests had revealed life threatening problems. The closing statement on the brochure was one encouraging the recipient to talk to their physician about these life saving screenings.

Well my friend, it touched my heart to know that these folks were interested in the well being of a woman that had been deceased since 2001. Really, I used to get upset when this sort of mail came. I would reply with a sarcastic, "if you are so interested in my mother's health, you would know that she is 100% well and walking the streets of Glory."

Now, I am sure that didn't send a good witness to them. I have asked the Lord to forgive me. It just goes to show that they really want to serve people regardless of their address. lol.

Seriously though, the local church a place for valuable life saving screens? What better place to be screened for the clogged arteries of doubt, the aneurysms about to rupture from concealed bitterness, the deep vein thrombosis of envy or greed, and the many other ravages of sin? Yes indeed, untold millions have been saved by taking advantage of these services. Many with no outward symptoms have come to know their true conditions and sought out the Surgeon of surgeons.

They have undergone life saving procedures as they have gone to the Great Physician with their test results. They have received additional instructions to prevent any recurrence of their ailments. The Doctor is always in should they need further counseling. No appointments are necessary to see Him. BTW, He is a heart doctor specializing in transplants. He is also a brain surgeon, neurologist, orthopedist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, and is an expert in all the disciplines of medicine. No wonder His references can fill the pages from Genesis to Revelation.

Do you need a check-up or a complete exchange transfusion? See the Great Physician today. He can do what no other doc can do.

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Amen Sista!!!!!