Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soapbox Time

Something's been bothering me. I'm sure I'll get conflicting comments about this, but I have to get it off my chest (pardon the cliche). It's this Harry Potter business. The more I find out about it, the more it makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps you find JK Rowlings venture into the spirit world innocuous, imaginative, and cool. I don't. It is nothing more than planting evil seeds of witchcraft in our children. I have never read one of the series. I have never been to one of the movies. But I have seen enough in the media to know it is not something I want any part of, nor do I want my child to have any part of. In a couple of weeks when my son returns to school, I plan on questioning his curriculum. And if necessary, I will take steps to ensure that he is not exposed to this. I shudder to think what impact this she-devil has had on the futures of our children.

Lest you think I'm blowing this all out of proportion, investigate it for yourself. But I beg you to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus before you enter some of these sights. Just exposing yourself to such wickedness could open the floodgates. I will not have my child watching or reading something that invokes any power other than that of God Almighty. If it does not proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, then it is against Him. There are enough imaginative, creative fiction in the world without delving into the dark spirit world. Yes, I want my son to be aware of evil and things like demonic possession. They are all too real. But the spirits are not something to be tampered with. It is not a game. It is not for the faint-hearted. And if you listen with your heart, you will know I am speaking truth.

Please friends, I beg not invest your time or money in this!!! Our children can't read the Bible at school. They can't use the word, "Christmas" in their musicals or celebrations. They can't wear religious symbols. But Scholastic books will flood your child's classroom with this garbage. What is wrong with us? Why do we allow this? My heart is stirred today. If you take issue with me, then so be it. Pray about it friend. Let God lead you. We have an awesome treasure in our children...and an obligation to them. We can't let Ms. O'hare --or whatever her name was--to dictate our religious freedoms. They are slowly being taken one by one.

I'm finished now. Enough said.


Sista Cala said...

I see I'm not the only lady preacher in the family. Good job sis.

Diane said...

Tee-hee to your sister's comment!

My youngest has not been interested in Harry Potter....thankfully. The ironies of this book finding it's way into our education system are endless! We can do our part and boycott.....but we must do more than that. We must feed our children in our homes! We must arm them, prepare them so as they grow they can discern on their own...and not be influenced by media frenzy!

So glad you risked getting on that soap box....while reading is important....venturing into the darkness...under the any dangerous.


Diane said...

"Be [my] guest! Be [my] guest!
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And [I'll] provide the rest...."

Now you've got me singing!

I would love to arrange a reunion should you and your sister make your way to Minneapolis! Just give me the word (bird)....and I'll start planning!

"Be my guest! Be my guest!"......

la la la-la-la-la-la!


(Maybe we could even get Lisa to come...Michigan isn't too far from Minneapolis!)