Thursday, November 02, 2006


I just got back from having my breasts mashed, my body invaded, my arms stuck, and pride wounded. Yep, annual physical about six months late. Besides the fact that I'm old and may be going through early menopause (they're checking hormone levels, etc.) I have gained 40 lbs. over the last 16 months. I told you I'm a stress eater. Doc says, "Get moving!" So Diane, I'm going to start that walking in the mornings. I'm going to say Monday through Friday when I get back from taking Chase to school at 7:30a.m. before I start my work day. She said to start slow with about 15 minutes. I wanted to tell her that that's probably all my fat body could do right now. She suggested Weight Watchers, but money's tight right now. I'm going to check into it.

As for the mammogram, it went okay. It's not too painful for me -- must be all the padding. I laugh every time they put those little b.b. pasties on your nipples. But I have a real good tech who makes you feel comfortable. She told me mine weren't the biggest she's had by far. Some people have to have two and three films to get their entire breast. And I thought mine were a chore to drag around! But seriously girls, get your mammograms. I have a family history of breast cancer, a double whammy with both my grandmother and mother having had it. I am fully aware of what cancer can do to a person. And the sad part is that the type my mom had a high success rate if caught early. Her doctor told her it was eczema. Don't ignore any rashes on your breast or nipples, and don't take eczema for an answer. Get a second opinion. THIS IS IMPORTANT LADIES!!! I know you dread it, you put it off, you hate it. But just do it.

I also have an aunt that is a breast cancer survivor for, I don't know probably 20 years. She caught hers, went through chemo with the attitude of a champ, and with much prayer beat it. She is one of the most productive and wonderful women I know. I'm thankful to have had her all these years. I love you Aunt Ramona!

As far as the Pap smear goes, nothing like gettin those feet up in those stirrups and chatting about the kids is there? I lost all my modesty when I was pregnant. No sense in being shy when they see a hundred vaginas a day. Mine's clean, and I'm proud to say that when they asked me how many partners I had had in the last 10 years I could say 1. She said they don't hear that often. Too much information, you say? Well I guess I've gotten less sensitive in my old age. (I'll 41 Saturday, and hubby is taking me to Memphis overnight without CWGIII. I'm so excited !!!) Besides that, I think too many times we don't talk enough about these health issues. We shy away from talking about them because we're embarrassed, but I have to tell you, our girls and boys these days need to be informed. And informed properly, not with street knowledge.

As for the blood work, I had a wonderful tech this time who actually listened when I told her she would need a butterfly needle. She got it on the first try. Much easier than aiming urine into a little specimen cup, I'll tell you that much. But enough of that. Pray for good results. I can't afford to be running back and forth every month or to be on expensive medication. Don't get me started on prescription costs. LOL.


Heather said...

I have been reading through bloglines for a while, just never have time to comment. However, your comment about Weight Watchers made me do it. There is an awesome, free, Biblestudy/weightloss program online. It is called "The Lord's Table" and is amazing and, even though I wasn't struggling with weight when I did it, grew me in the Lord and took off a few pounds. If you are dealing with stress eating it will help. You get a mentor to help see you through it and spend time answering the questions each day. I definitely recommend it, especially since, as I mentioned it is free and you don't have to leave the house. I can't recommend it enough.

Praying for your Prodigal said...


It's a deal! Except, when I took Sam to school this was 23 degrees!!!!! Can I join you on the treadmill? I almost feel motivated now that I have a walking partner!!!! Let's do this.

Good for you for getting your check-up and promoting women's health issues. Caretakers as we are--it's interesting that we don't take care of ourselves.

A night away...with your hubby...without your son...for your birthday! What a wonderful gift. I hope you have a great weekend my YOUNG friend! Happy Birthday....early!


C. H. Green said...

I will certainly have to check that out. And Diane, it's cold here too. I may have to start on Monday after my party weekend. Thanks for the well wishes.

Vicki said...

Hey, good to hear you're taking care of yourself with regular checkups. If my mom had done that, she'd still be alive today. Cancer runs crazy in my family tree, too, so thanks for the reminder---need to get my pap & blood work scheduled soon. Ugh.

Driveby hugs!!!

Vicki said...

Hey, good to hear you're taking care of yourself with regular checkups. If my mom had done that, she'd still be alive today. Cancer runs crazy in my family tree, too, so thanks for the reminder---need to get my pap & blood work scheduled soon. Ugh.

Driveby hugs!!!

Dave said...

um... glad I dropped by... um... off to watch a manly game

C. H. Green said...

Sorry Dave, sometimes you just got to have a little girl talk going on. And make sure you get that prostate checked, ya hear?

drama mama said...

I just got my reminder post card in the mail. Dang. I am so not looking forward to it. I do not want to see how much weight I've gained. It's just too depressing.

Isn't that terrible!? The whole scale thing is worse for me then the pap or mamm.

Kathleen Marie said...

Good for you for sharing all this. I went through all this about 6 months ago, then some liver tests came back abnormal and I should have had it looked into more. I did have all the hepetitis tests done and then the heart trouble two months ago. I hate that mammogram to but it is so nice when things come back normal. For me, 22.5 years with ONE MAN! Yeah! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, women should talk about these things a lot more. Thanks for bringing it up!

(I was premenapausal for years but menopause just hit about a year ago and I'm 50 so feel fortunate)

Lisa said...

Thx for the helpful information! I just turned the big 4-0 last month and I know I need to get that "girly" stuff done, maternal grandmother was a survivor of breast cancer, so that ups my chances, I do believe. The thought of putting what little I have on whatever (plate) and then getting it, as you say, "smashed" doesn't sound good. My girlfriend had a spot found but it ended up being benign, thankfully...
Cancer scares the willies out of me to begin with, but breast cancer just seems so darn intimidating...even if it has a high cure rate.

I'm glad to see that you are taking care of yourself. I'll get it done next year-yuck.

God bless!