Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who's in Your Five?

“Who’s in your five?” This is a slogan that one cell phone company uses today. The commercials are funny. They make me think about what five I would pick if I had a cell phone. There's not even one person that I need to be calling every day, much less five.

Children have their parents and grandparents programmed as speed-dials. Recovering addicts have their sponsors in their five. The circle is for those you need and want to talk to the most. Must be why some teens have more than one phone.

As handy as they are to have, even cell phones have their limitations. Dead spots, roaming charges, low batteries, and they just won't work under water. I'm so glad I don't need a phone to reach the One that is closer than a brother. And I am thankful that His circle is not limited to five; but is extended to all who want to hear His voice. He will even answer before we call Him.

His plan is so much better than any other. I'm in His network. Are you?


Diane said...

Great point!

Reminds me of our Church's slogan....Who are your five? For years we have been encouraged to pray for five who need to come to the LORD. Wonder what the significance of the number 5 is?

Cute commercials....but praying daily for lost loved ones is a program that brings an eternal connection!


C. H. Green said...

As always, I enjoy your insights. I also love being in a network of Christian family. Having someone to share the burdens with is a wonderful thing. I love you sis.

Sista Cala said...

Thank you for that reminder Diane. That is a great way to use the "Who's in your five?" slogan.

Lisa said...