Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stormy Edition WW

Last night we had spring-like storm blow through. The day was moderate and balmy. As evening began to close in, the winds began to howl. The rains came. Trees swirled, power poles were downed, cars were sliding on the roads, and we were without power from 7pm until sometime in the wee hours of this morning.

Some folks say that the weather is controlled by Mother Nature. While Christians know that it is God that controls everything, they too can be heard using the cliche. How is it that we can be so easily influenced by something that is not a Christian concept? I think it is because the expression is so common. But that is another post for another day.

Scientists have all sorts of explanations for various types of storms. The weather people tell us about high pressure systems and gulf streams. These folks are educated in such matters.

As Christians we are versed on different sorts of disturbances. We know of financial tsunamis, emotional floods, physical hurricanes, spiritual depressions, and a multitude of maladies. We not only recognize the signs of coming storms, we know the One who has complete control over them regardless of their cause.

Storms are not all bad. Sometimes He is the one who initiates them. Many times they are for our good. Here Paul and Silas had endured some severe weather. Yet the earthquake that followed made way for their deliverance. A harvest of souls came in its aftermath.

When we praise Him in the difficulties, He gives us just what we need to go through them. The important thing to remember is to praise Him once the storm has been lifted. He wants us to rejoice in our victories. This honors Him and illuminates the Way for others. Many can be reached through the words of our testimonies. He is the Light when there is nothing but darkness all around. He is one power source that can never be extinguished. Praise His name.


Diane said...

Sista Cala--How true! However, I'm a little less convinced when it is 50 degrees BELOW zero outside with the winds blowing so hard that your roof-line cracks! It's a cold storm that's been passing through the midwest!

Praise His Name....still! For we have shelter, we have warmth, and we have the internet to stay connected with blogging friends who warm our hearts!

Have a great day.


Granny B said...

Below zero temps here again with wind chill.
Had a blizzard going for 'bout
1 1/2 hrs. Monday night.
It's always easy to praise Him in the good times.
To praise Him in the storm is a step of faith.

Dawn said...

Lovely thoughts. It is true that we sometimes succumb to the "mother nature" idea. Crazy.

I know I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn years ago in high school - sounds like I need to read it again.