Sunday, January 13, 2008


Took my baby back for a check on his ears, and he is not only going to need his tubes put back in, but he is going to have to have his adenoids taken out. We have not gotten this scheduled yet, but it will be sometime in the near future. He still has fluid on his ears, and his hearing test revealed a mild but reversible hearing loss. I still do not understand why they aren't taking the tonsils as well. But I hope this fixes his problems.

In other news, I am going to be a great aunt! My hubby's neice Sally is 8 weeks along. Please be in prayer for her and Jeff throughout this pregnancy. She has had a lot of morning sickness already. Congratulations to the excited couple.

Not only is Chase having a new cousin on his daddy's side, but my first cousin and his wife are expecting around the same time. Congratulations Jared and Leah! So babies will be on everyone's minds this summer. I just hope there's nothing in the water. If it is, I'd rather Carla get it than me ...evil grin.

I hear my 3 year-old nephew, CB has been up to no good flushing unflushable items in the guest toilet. It seems pull-ups will disintegrate and go on through, but not wooden blocks or ceramic balls. Go figure. Ah, the joys of parenting toddlers.

Chase made A's, 1 B, and 1 C on his report card. The C was in handwriting. I suspect he is hurrying through his work. Nevertheless I am extremely proud of him. He is reading on a 4th grade level, and he is in 2nd grade. Daddy gets to go to Donuts for Dads this week. Maybe he can explain to Ms. Kim where Chase got that chicken scratch. LOLOL.


Dawn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by - we haven't connected for awhile. I hope your little guy gets rid of those nasty ear infections!

Sista Cala said...

Maybe the chicken scratch is an early indication of his pursuit of medicine. Doc of Internal Medicine or perhaps a shrink of some sort:>)

Delia said...

I hope everything goes smoothly with Chase having his tubes put back in and his adenoids taken out.

Congratulations on all the babies in your family.

Way to go Chase! on the report card!

Lisa said...

Oh I remember these days well! Both of my children had tubes put scared me each time, but it was definitely needed and helpful.

Hope all goes well! I'm feeling old though reading your son will be a senior next year and my dau, well, is a senior at local university. Yikes!