Monday, January 21, 2008

A Semi-Wild Weekend...LOL

Sorry I haven't blogged. I've been on a little virtual vacation. Where did I go? Botswana, Africa, of course. What did I see, you ask? A kimodo dragon (I think that's what it was.) Some beautiful yellow birds that live in funny cone-shaped nests, some white birds, a huge alligator, some antelope, a big snake and a lot of nothing in between. I got a bit frustrated when I could hear some sort of feline growling but could not see her. I imagine she was behind the camera grinning. You see I visited via live streaming webcam in real time. I suggest if you're going to visit, to do so between the hours recommended on the site. Otherwise, mostly you will just see a dark pond. The animals were really active right around dawn, which happened to be around 9 to 10 p.m. here. I loved the bird sounds, although they seemed to irritate Aunt Carla after a bit. She came for an overnight stay. But I don't think she was very impressed with her virtual vacation as much as I was. She did learn to play chess while she was here though, which is probably more her speed these days. LOL.ALLIGATOR

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Lisa said...

I haven't ever seen since a thing...Cool! So there are places that are warm...I'm trying to stay warm as I watch more snow come down. We are buried over here. Unfortunately not enough to prevent me from going to work. All the area schools are closed. Thankfully I was able to take our SUV, that helped.

Enjoy your day!