Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have to be careful about not complaining about this job I have. It was an answer to prayer, but lately I have been working so much that the blog has been put on the back burner. I guess most of my creative energy is spent creating a life here at home. The last 2 or 3 Saturdays I've spent doing much needed chores like shampooing the carpets and cleaning out closets getting ready for fall. And that's okay. It is possible to spend too much time in the virtual world and not enough time in the here and now.

We are doing okay, though. So do not worry. For the time being, we both are working. CWGIII has an ear infection and is on antibiotics. His tubes have come out of the eardrum and are in the ear canal. We will be taking him back to his specialist at Vanderbilt when the infection clears up some. We got glowing reports from his teachers. He tested out at almost the 3rd grade level in Reading and Math. I am very thankful for this, as it makes my life easier. I try not to worry about what I might be in store for on down the road. And pray every day that he continues on the right path.

Sista Cala has a birthday coming up on the 26th, so be sure and stop by her place or post her a birthday wish here on that day. I believe she will be 44! My how time flies. I have learned a lot from her throughout the years, and I am enjoying her devotions on her blog and here on Worship Wednesday. Baby sister, Kerry, had a birthday on the 18th. She is just now getting online. Maybe I can get her to blogging someday, although my nephew, C.B. keeps her quite busy with taking the door hinges off and the hinges off his toybox. He is 3 1/2. LOL. My sisters are truly a blessing to me.

Leave me some comments and let me know how things are going your way. I think of you all often. Til next time, take care!

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Sista Cala said...

Both of my nephews are EXCEPTIONAL!
I trust that they will excel at all they put their minds to do.