Monday, September 10, 2007

The Battle is The Lord's

Good Monday morning to you all. As always, I am busy with my transcription work, not to mention that ever increasing mound of laundry next to my washing machine. As I attempt to make the pile smaller, I am reminded to be grateful for all I have, which is way more than I deserve. I've been reading a lot of posts regarding 9/11 and am also reminded to be grateful for these freedoms we have and enjoy on a regular basis. We are stormed with enemy fire in the natural sense, but we do fight a very real enemy on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel his black presence just sitting there waiting for me to stumble, to crumble, so he can gain purchase on my slippery ground. But God is faithful friends.

Sometime around 4 a.m. this morning I had trouble sleeping. I turned to the Word and read of David and his mighty military triumphs and of his legacy he left to Solomon. Then I began to read the wisdom penned in Proverbs. The plan of God was not and could not be altered by the enemy. What Satan meant for harm, God always turned to good. Oh yes, mistakes were made in the lives of David and be sure. And there was always a cost--a price to be paid. But time and again, God was merciful and His love kept striving with them to fulfill His purpose.

Sometimes the mistakes we make are costly and bitter. Sometimes the price is high, and we look back and say, "If only I had chosen differently..." But I am so glad today that we have a God of mercy who loves us enough to continue in his patience toward us and continues to strive with us to make us all we should be. It's a battlefield we're in, and the mines of the enemy are plentiful. We MUST remain on guard with our hearts and look to the Commander for our guidance. We have a mission we have chosen to fulfill...and with His help...WE CAN.

Have a great week, my friends!

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Sista Cala said...

When walking in a mine-field, it is best to step into the exact footprints of the one in the lead. All the more reason that our footsteps must be closely matched to His as we traverse this earth.