Tuesday, April 17, 2007


When we don't know how to pray the Spirit prays through us. Please pray today for my blogging friend, Diane.

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Diane said...


After posting this morning, with an aching heart but resolve to continue on, I logged over here to let you know that your submission to Faith Lifts is now up.

You may never know the raw emotions I felt as I read your request. I receive this as an immediate answer to my longing--to know what to do. I receive His word....that even when we don't know how to pray...He has provided His Spirit to guide us. As I wrote in my post this morning....God is so beautiful...even when we doubt Him...He carries us through the doubt and into the confidence that we can have, once again, IN HIM!

You are more than a friend, Cindy, you are a living example of someone who testifies of God....you are "God--with-skin-on"

Thank you; in 20 words or less...you spoke TRUTH into this hurting heart!

Thank you Cindy.