Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Reminder

The following post is actually a couple of excerpts from my personal journal dated Thursday, July 28, 1988.

Help me to see You and Your vision for my life a clearly as the pebbles at the bottom of a mountain tream. Don't let me rush past it toward the infinite oceans of this world. But let me take time for the simple pleasure of waiting before you--wading in the cool, comforting water your Spirit brings to my life.

Let me breathe the mist from the mountaintops and know that Your same breath drops dew to water the wild flowers in the valleys of our lives to feed the grazing deer.

Help me realize that You can create tunnels through the rocky places, and that though the way is steep, You guard our feet from falling--if we hold your hand.

In your sweet, gentle, quiet loving way--
Take my life--
Break it into fragments
If you must;
If it will satisfy the hunger
Of lost souls, if it will bring them
Into Your kingdom,
Into Your loving arms.
Let me be willing, Lord
To serve as strength for the needy.

These words were written nearly 20 years ago. And today, God brought them back to mind. Looking back over the last 10 years, I can see the hand of God answering, molding, shaping, breaking, and reworking this humble piece of clay. Every trial, every tear, every heart ache--a purpose. God, I'm sorry I did not see. Thank You for reminding me.


Diane said...



I love when the LORD uses our own speak to us!


Lee-ann said...

Cindy, what strength you get when you take that moment....wonderful!

I have not had a moment to visit you after your kindess on my blog while I was ill and I thank you for your comments they all helped truly they did.

I see you are a scorpio too does that make us sisters of the world I think so! lol lol lol