Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Notes from Rose Hill

This morning I've spent about three hours writing on From the Dust of Rose Hill and have gotten about 1800 words in. It's slow going but hopefully good work. I've lost a journal, it seems, that has nearly a chapter's worth of work in it. I have so many strewn about the house and cars, so I'm hoping to find it soon. It irks me when I lose things.

This WIP is coming to me in disconnected visions. When I get one, I write it, even if it's out of order. The morning's work consisted of working on the ending and the beginning, and I have found that having the two files side by side has helped me coordinate the two and come full circle. Gwen, Sonny's anorexic and drug addicted sister has made her entrance to the story line, and Sonny is facing a grim decision.

I have a character outline of sorts for each of my five main characters which is helping quite a bit. And I have constructed a loose outline for the entire work, actually two. We'll see which one wins out as we go along. I really need to get to researching the whole Viet Nam era and also the Iraqi war. I'm finding it a bit hard to get motivated for that, but I hope to get some new books from the bookstore on those subjects. A relative of mine was reading Letters from Nam at the campout the other night. At least I think that was the title. I might have to borrow that book or find it on Amazon. I don't think it's a recent release, but I don't really know.

On the homefront, it's a quiet rainy day in Paris. I'm hoping the weather will clear up so that we can take CWGIII trunk or treating tonight up at the church. They haven't sent me any transcription for today, but I sent off a huge file last night. I think God was giving me a nice day off to work on the book. So how's your day going or been?

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Kathleen Marie said...

It sounds very interesting and like it is coming along nicely. My book is coming along rather slow as of late. I need a little kick in the arse to get me going again.

Glad I stopped by!