Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Forever and Ever Amen

Please pray for Diane at Prayers for Our Prodigals. Her mother-in-law is in the hospital in serious condition. The family needs strength, mercy, and peace. I believe God is working on her prodigal through all of this. The Lord is able.

As I was driving home from taking Chase to school this morning, the song, "Places to Go and People to See" came on the radio. I'm not sure if that's the correct title, but if you listen to Southern Gospel, you've heard it. It talks about being homesick for heaven. This time of year is especially hard for me. I lost my mom in August and my Dad in October. And, as you've read before, I lost my grandmother this past July. Sometimes it seems I have more family over there than here. But that's not a bad thing. Heaven is home. It is a comforting thought to know that they are waiting.

I've also had missing bloggers Lisa and Mike on my mind today. It's been over a month since they've posted. And I know it may seem silly to worry. They may be busy. They may just be taking a blogging break. Could be that their computers are down. I don't know. But I miss them. And I pray that if anything is wrong that God will be there to help them with it.

I'm praying today for my father-in-law and my grandparents. I know they have some lonely days and days that they just don't feel good. I know that they would love to see us every day and have us with them more. God give them a good day today. God help me to show them I love them more.

I pray today for the families of the Amish girls. They never dreamed this could happen to their children. So much pain and shock they must be feeling. Surround them with your peace. Help them to forgive. God help those that are left behind to find comfort in You.

Be with my child at school today. Help him to learn a lot and to be a good student and friend. Watch over him, and protect him against evil. Lord, our children face a battleground every day. Be with him there. Protect my husband on the road and give him a good day. Be with all my extended family, each one. God you are good. Your grace is sufficent.

Be with me today as I work. Help me accomplish my goals and do it cheerfully. Renew my strength and my determination. Enliven me with your energy. Help me to be a blessing. And may all who stop by here feel your presence in their lives today.

In Jesus' precious and holy name.
Amen and Amen.


PT2006 said...

I like the pink addition to the background, much more feminine.

C. H. Green said...

I like your signin name too! You weren't the one lurking and leaving rude comments that I was referring to. That was another relative. LOL. But that's okay. Glad to have you commenting. And since when do you like pink....smiles...

tam said...

This was lovely...lovely for you to post about Diane, lovely for your prayer and blessings over those you love and those that come here.

Thank you.