Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Case of the Missing Socks

Okay, Lisa and I have discussed this before. Well, it's happened to me again. One day this past week CWGIII could find neither clean underwear nor socks for school. (I normally lay his clothes out, but this time I had been caught up in transcription work late at night.) Now because I do laundry almost every day that rolls besides Sundays (and sometimes Sunday, if it's really bad), I knew that the child had clean clothing--somewhere. I argued this point with him to no avail. Finally when I went to check his underwear/sock drawer I had to agree. There were none to be found. There were the standard strays but no matches. Hm. And I had just bought him a six-pack of both undies and socks. Where could they be?

A quick trip to the dryer got him a pair of underwear and socks, but I noticed that in that load there were no others. That's odd. Really odd. So I begin the search. Under MY bed mind you--where the little scamp watches primetime, there were about four pairs of socks--all dirty. Under his bed there were three more. Okay. Looking better. But what about the undies???
I looked high and low--no undies. I said, "Son, what are you doing with your underwear when you take them off before your bath? Aren't you putting them in the laundry room?"
He assured me he was, that I just wasn't washing them, which is NOT the case, because there were none there to wash. Sigh.

Well, I don't know why, but it didn't occur to me to check his other drawers. I mean, when I put his clothes away while he's at school I always put them in the sock/underwear drawer. And please, don't make the mistake of calling it a "panty drawer," MOM!!! "Can't help it," I reply,"old habits die hard." (I grew up in a house full of girls, for Pete's sake.) Anyway, to make a long, drawn out story even longer, the missing new undies and several more pairs of socks were finally found stuffed down in the next to the bottom drawer underneath his jeans and shirts. When asked about this my son replied laughing, "Oh there they are. I forgot where I hid them." (Don't ask me why he's hiding them. I never got that out of him. Probably thought it funny. Or maybe he thought he wouldn't have to wear them if he hid them. Who can figure out a six year old? Laugh.)

So now his drawer is overflowing. I can quit blaming the dryer, even though I know for a fact it does eat them occasionally. And I guess I can be relieved that he's only hiding his own and not some teenage girl's. The day that happens I think I will just faint. But that's a different post.


Anonymous said...

He he, I've had this problem before with missing socks and underwear. In fact, I have this problem ALL the time. And another that happens at our house is one child can't find their own socks, so they wear a siblings socks. lol. My son once didn't have any socks that we could find anywhere...finally when I go to wash my daughter's clothes, I found his socks in her hamper where she'd been wearing them instead of looking for her own. lol.

C. H. Green said...

No, those aren't my socks. I snatched that pic off the Web. LOL>