Monday, October 23, 2006


My sister finally sent me the highlights of the Eat Thou Honey conference held recently in Cordova, Tennessee:

Friday night, Dr. Paula White delivered a "BIG" Word. BIG is the acronym she used for Blessings In God. For her text, she chose Luke 1:26-37. Her opening statement was this: "If you can make it happen, it is not of God". She added that we must make room for the BIG in our lives. Her outline followed these things concerning "The BIG". The "BIG" has been spoken, it has been demanded, it has been declared, and it has been delivered. She posed this question, “Are you in position to receive "The BIG"? She took the biblical account of Mary mother of Jesus and paralleled it with our receiving the BIG in our lives. She illustrated the point with her personal experiences with mail order packages. You can speak your order, demand your order, it can be declared as sent and delivered, but you will miss out on receiving it if you are not at home when it arrives. She equated the "you may pick up your package" notice with the grace of God. He has left a note, your package is available, if you want it, you must pick it up for yourself. Stay in position, make room for the "BIG", God will deliver as He has promised.

Pastor Darlene McCarty took Galatians 6:9 and I Corinthians 1:9 for her text. She preached a message that complemented the message of Dr. Paula White. The common thread though out her message was one concerning our position in Christ. She quoted Tommy Tenny as saying; "God pre-positions you for favor to position you in favor." Her admonition to the audience, "Stay in position"! She cited the biblical examples of Leah, Hannah, and Esther. She wrapped up with a paraphrase of Psalms 22:3 about God being enthroned on the praises of His people. She added, for God to become enthroned on our praises, He has to come down from His throne on high. He must step out of His heavenly habitat to fulfill His word. When we do our part He does His.

Friday night's message was entitled "Why won't people pray?" Pastor Darlene Bishop took Philippians 4:6 for her text. She emphasized the portion that states: "everything by prayer". She spoke of three types of prayer; the delight prayer, the desire prayer, and the desperate prayer. She used King Hezekiah as an example of what prayer can do. Firstly, he prayed a prayer of delight. He recalled the goodness, faithfulness, and magnificence of God. Secondly, his prayer was one of desire. His desire or request was for an extension of life. Thirdly, his prayer was a prayer of desperation. He prayed for God to give life in spite of the "word" the Lord had already spoken to him through the Prophet Isaiah.

Pastor Bishop's exhortation included this statement: "If you talk to God on a regular basis, then you won’t need to ‘work’ Him up, or call Him down." As an aside to the message, she added; "women can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do, but they can not be the head". She went one step further and declared, "when men take their rightful position, the glory of God will fall."

Sounds like we missed some good messages. Maybe next year!

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