Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Words of Hope

I am going to attempt to explain something that to the unchurched is going to sound pretty far fetched, but to those of you who know the voice of God, it will make perfect sense.
As I write this tonight, I have a perfect sense of peace regarding my family's situation. I have felt this all day from the time I got up this morning. I drove my son to school this morning, and the songs on the gospel station were speaking directly to my soul. The Lord began dealing with me about this trust issue I have going on with Him. He began telling me “I have not brought you this far to leave you utterly without Hope.”
Now those of us who talk to Him on a regular basis know that the voice of God is not always audible. It can be. But the majority of us hear his voice from within our spirits. We have trained our ears for His voice. Most of the time when we think He is not answering us, it is because we do not want to hear the answer He has, or we have gotten so far from Him that it is too distant to hear clearly. If you walk a mile away from your friend and then expect to hear what he is saying, it is not because he is not speaking. It is because you have removed yourself from the sound of his voice.
As I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I am learning to live by faith. It is one of the most difficult challenges I have faced in my Christian walk—ever. I sincerely believe that God is and must be working on a plan. I have to believe that. All my plans have come to naught. All I know to do is keep knocking. Keep asking. Keep praying. So I keep applying. I keep writing. I keep praying.
This afternoon, I was thinking maybe I should take the next step with the writing. I spent the evening building a website that is soon to go live. I will place the link here as soon as it is done. The name of the site: Words of Hope. In it, I list my background, my mission statement, my rates for editing, proofreading, resume and manuscript writing, and customized poetry. I still have to scan a few pictures into it, and upload a few files. A couple of writing samples will be posted, most of which have been posted here, as well as the link to this blog.
Oh, and another thing...I have a friend who has a very special unspoken need. Those of us praying folk know what an unspoken need is. Our God knows what the unspoken need is. I need everyone who reads this, who believes that God is God and still on his throne, to touch heaven for my friend's need. You don't have to know their names. If you pray in the spirit, you don't even have to know what to pray, for the spirit will give you the utterance. Let's pray into their lives “Words of Hope” today. Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think.
Til tomorrow my friends.

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