Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Few Details

I don't want to turn this into a full blown advertising campaign blog, so I am going to ad one more entry due to the request posted in the last link by Diane. If any of you want extra information, click on the banner and sign in as a guest. Email me for passwords to the guest area. Stayin Home and Lovin It! is a company that partners with another larger, wellness company to promote their toxin-free products. We sign up customers for them, and we also become a customer ourselves, ensuring that orders are continuing to come in on a regular basis. It is much like a wholesale club that you order your household products from monthly. I was skeptical. First of all, I didn't even know if I would have the money to commit to a monthly order. But, the more customers you sign up, the more residuals you make to offset that cost. And the customer you sign up will eventually get residuals to offset his cost. Alot of people just sign up to order the product. But if you want to build a business, you can become a director. You do that by training the people under you as they sign up customers. Now...this is Consumer Direct Marketing as opposed to Multi-Level Marketing. There is a difference. With this system, you are actually receiving products for your investment, which is minimal. There are other differences as well and they are noted in the guest area of the site.

If you factor in your drive time, gasoline, and wait in line, the ultimate cost is less. I can even show you cost comparisons if you like. These products are super concentrated, so that, for example, one bottle of ours would outlast one bottle of store brand by four times. You use one little ounce of alot of these products. And the best part is, you're not poisoning yourself or your family with chemicals.

Now, I have been concerned for awhile now about what all the chemicals in our environment are doing to our bodies. When someone you love comes down with something fatal, you immediately wonder where was the origin of the sickness. Well, we don't know. We can't say that all cancers come from toxins in our environment. But I have a sneaky suspicion that many of them do come from products we use and are exposed to on a daily basis. So I'm trying this. I am a firm believer that marketing works.

I'm giving you this information because you requested it. This is a softsell company. We don't drag people into it kicking and screaming. I won't spend post after post pushing it. The information is here if you want it. Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to put it out here for you. My friend and mentor, Eva, is a former missionary. She has made the second level in a short year and a half working it part time. She hopes to make enough income to visit her children who are missionaries in Africa. As I succeed, that helps her. And helps the ministry as she supports them. So I am convinced that this is a God-given opportunity for us. My husband and I pray over this. He is helping out when he can in the marketing. They tell me some husband and wife teams do so well, that they both work at home. (I'm not sure that is productive, but would be nice for a while I suppose.)

Diane: Thanks for sticking with me girl. Lisa--Keep writing. Some of my friends are reading your stuff. Family: Leave feedback please. Tell friends. Email this blog link to friends. What could it hurt? They get all sorts of useless junk every day. I have Words of HOPE! I laughed and told my husband that eventually we will have HOPE Enterprises. Don't laugh. Could happen, after all, HOPE is my middle name. Til tomorrow...God Bless.

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