Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Faith of a Child

A beautiful thing happened to me nearly first thing this morning. It rained all night and was still storming when the alarm went off. Nine days straight of typing had taken its toll. I awoke with my arms aching and feverish. They felt like lead and hurt in all the joints.

What is beautiful about that, you ask? Well, as is our morning custom, my son and I pray together before he leaves for school. We pray for my neice and her husband in Iraq. We pray for my other neice and her husband and the pregnancy. We pray for protection for Chase at school. And this morning, I asked my child to pray for Mama's arms.

What followed was a precious moment. My 8-year-old son began rubbing my left arm and praying. And this is what he said: "Dear Lord, Help Mama's arms not to hurt today. Energize them, and let no weakness be in her hands. In Jesus'name, Amen."
I hugged him and told him how wonderful he was and sent him off to school. That was 20 minutes ago. There is no fever in my joints now. My fingers are beginning to loosen up. My arms do not feel as heavy.

God looked down from heaven and was touched by the faith of that little boy this morning. He saw a little boy who accepted God's Word at face value--without questioning or wavering. My heart is full this morning. My cup runneth over. I just wanted to share that with you this morning. It may be raining outside, but it is, nevertheless, a beautiful day!


Diane said...

Oh what a beautiful post...

what a beautiful prayer....

what a beautiful thing to do with your son each morning

What a beautiful miracle!

Our God is so good.


Anonymous said...

That makes his aunt K.K proud!

Sista Cala said...

That's MY BOY!
It makes up for all the times that he has gotten on your last nerve and when he has been willful and unmanageable.

Delia said...

This is probably the sweetest thing I've read in a while! You must be so proud to have such a faithful, loving son!